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SAEE President opens SAEEC

Karel Steyn, President of the South African Energy Efficiency Association (SAEE), opened the 9th Annual Energy Efficiency conference and exhibition at Emperors Palace today.

The President welcomed all the delegates reminding them that 9 years ago, in years of energy abundance, energy efficiency was not a frequently talked about topic. Today, there is much more awareness surrounding our energy usage and as this crucial industry has had to respond and grow rapidly, it is now fragmented.

In the first of three key announcements Steyn was now proud to state that the Board has conditionally approved the incorporation of  ESCO’s into its structures. He added that by the end of the calendar year, current ESCO’s will have successfully dissolved it’s structures and be incorporated fully into the SAEE.

The second key announcement was that the M&V Council restructuring has now been completed and will be headed by Gerswynn Mckuur.  The two key sub-committees would address training of practitioners and the criteria for membership and professionalism in the M&V industry.

The energy and water sector (EWSETA) with the NCPC, the United Nations Development Organisation and the GIZ have also been working with the SAEE on ensuring good practice by energy professionals.

The creation of the South African Females in Energy Efficiency (FEE), under Lisa Reynolds was the third large announcement made in the opening speech.  An entire track of presentations by key women in energy efficiency will be made at the conference later today

In closing, Steyn encouraged all participants of the conference to participate and learn and share experiences as your net “worth” is dependent on your network.