Solar power utilisation in Nigeria has made strides over the last five years, but still remains very low despite the enormous solar potential that the country has.

Nigeria’s greatest solar energy potential currently lies in small-scale decentralised solar infrastructure.

While millions of dollars are flowing into the country’s off-grid energy sector, thanks to numerous development finance institutions, there are still major challenges in unlocking private investment and mobilising those funds towards the right projects.

In order to get a better understanding of the challenges impeding the growth of Nigeria’s solar energy market, Solarplaza invited Victor Ezenwoko (Group Head Business Development at Daystar Power Energy Solutions) to take part in the webinar Power and Solar as Services: How to continue Nigeria’s development?, which will take place on 23 October, 2019 at 16h00 CEST.

During this webinar, Ezenwoko will share his perspective on overcoming the common barriers present in Nigeria’s solar industry and his experience in developing and installing more than 100 solar systems. The webinar will also focus on how flexible financing solutions contribute to realisation of solar projects in Nigeria and the evolution of the Nigerian solar energy market.

This webinar comes in preparation for the third edition of The Solar Future Nigeria conference on 4-5 December 2019 in Lagos. This 2-day conference will be hosted in collaboration with All On and USADF and is the industry’s key platform for all stakeholders to connect and exchange knowledge.

The Solar Future Nigeria will cover a broad spectrum of solar industry topics and segments: from commercial and industrial (C&I) developments to mini-grid and off-grid initiatives. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of Nigeria’s leading solar energy event.

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