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New players in the power sector to meet at WAPIC

WAPIC to gather some 600 power professionals in November
Utilities’ challenges of finding and funding alternative ways to increase generation capacity to meet demand will be in focus during the 3-day West African Power Industry Convention (WAPIC) in Lagos from 25-27 November 2013. The attendance of high-level utility executives from the region, including Ghana, Senegal and Nigeria has been confirmed already.

Other challenges experienced in the region’s power industry include unstable and unreliable electricity supply which is hindering economic growth, as well as the high demands being put on already aged infrastructure, causing frequent black outs.

Says Christa Robijn, Programme director for WAPIC:  “we expect some fairly robust and honest discussion between the participants around some of the challenges currently being experienced.”

She continues:  “this forum allows power professionals to discuss some of the biggest challenges faced by utilities today.  This interaction allows them to work together to devise strategies to address these challenges in a way that is based on best practice, combined experience and in a way that can be applied to other utilities going forward.  We believe very much that collaboration is the only way for the utility industry to prosper, and that each utility brings unique experiences and insights to the forum.”
Professor Nebo, Minister of Power will be delivering the keynote address at WAPIC, where he will be joined by Ghana’s Deputy Minister of Energy and Petroleum and other regional ministerial dignitaries in a panel discussion during the opening session.

More WAPIC programme topics:

  • Building a strong leadership team in a changing environment
  • Fas tracking decision making within a complex business/utility environment
  • Country policy implications to establish a regional market and the challenges thereof
  • Continuing the commercial development of the power sector post reform– a policy perspective
  • Cohesion in your power infrastructure planning – a project management perspective
  • Gas to power: infrastructure needed for expansion
  • Meeting the skills challenge through capacity building

Event dates and location:
Conference days: 26-27 November 2013
Pre-conference workshop: 25 November, 2013
Ghana site visit: 28-29 November, 2013

Location:  Eko Hotel, Lagos, Nigeria
Event website:  www.wapicforum.com

Programme Director:  Christa Robijn
Telephone: +27 21 7003564