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Initiate! is a programme at European Utility Week that connects all levels of the smart energy community and encourages discussion, challenges ideas and helps the industry visualise what the future could look like!

By including all players in the eco-system – startups, students, young professionals and established professionals – we intend to support and stimulate positive change and drive the industry forward!

Project manager for the Initiate! programme at European Utility Week, Sietske Jacobs, said: “I am always inspired by the feedback and passion generated from our Initiate! community. With this blog, I would like to share my enthusiasm with you and tell you a bit more about what we have been working on.”

This year Initiate! has relaunched its Manifesto, the industry’s shout out to collectively achieve a fair and sustainable energy transition.

Focus topics of the Manifesto 2.0:

  • Decentralised power
  • Transition to Fair Energy
  • Distributed Human Intelligence

To stay up to date with the Initiate! Manifesto you can register here.