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Ingula design and monitoring contract extended

The Ingula pumped-storage scheme is a one-in-a-million large-scale challenge that does not come around very often, says project manager Colin Logan, of GIBB, which is part of the consortium with SSI and Knight Piesold that is constructing the Kwazulu-Natal-based hydropower scheme for South Africa’s power utility Eskom.  The consortium, operating as Braamhoek Consultants Joint Venture (BCJV), recently signed an extension of its contract with Eskom to December 2013.  

Colin Logan will share an in-depth case study of the company’s experience of project managing Ingula thus far, particularly regarding the interface between dam engineering and power engineering, at the upcoming Hydropower Africa 2010 in Johannesburg in August.  Delegates will also have the opportunity to view the project up close and meet the engineers onsite during a special tour of the pumped-storage scheme, which is the largest of its kind in Africa.

Site visits provide an entirely new perspective
The BCJV’s contract includes a design and onsite monitoring and supervision service. “Currently we have more than 150 people working on Ingula, which includes 105 onsite”, says Colin Logan.  “We count ourselves privileged to be part of this; this, along with the Gautrain Rapid Rail Link and Metalong Dam projects, is a real milestone for GIBB as it has re-established our valuable contribution to heavy engineering, where for a long time there have been very few projects of this magnitude.”  

According to the GIBB project manager, work on the project is proceeding “fairly smoothly, although there are some delays to the construction.”  

Site visits of hydropower projects have proven very popular with Hydropower Africa delegates says project director Nicolaas Loretz:  “It is one thing to talk about a project, and what is required for its success or completion, but this cannot and should not be done without visiting the project site. Travelling to the site provides an entirely new perspective to everyone in the value chain.”  This year’s site visits will include the Ingula and Drakensburg pumped storage schemes, the Lydenburg hydropower plant and the Friedenheim hydro plant, in Mpumalanga, while a delegation will also fly to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to view Inga hydropower projects I and II.

More Hydropower Africa programme highlights and topics include:

  • Keynote address by South African Energy minister Elizabeth Dipuo Peters
    Working together to unlock Africa’s hydropower potential to promote sustainable development, regional integration, water and energy security, and poverty eradication in Africa
  • The changing future of the African energy mix and the growing need for hydropower
  • Hydropower Project Finance
  • Rural electrification and village hydro
  • Engineering, process design and operation
  • Environmental and social impact
  • Maintenance and refurbishment
  • Regional cooperation

Event dates and location:  17-20 August 2010, Pre-conference workshops on 16 August, at Emperors Palace, Johannesburg.

Event website:  esiafrica.wpengine.com/hpa

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