African Utility Week we are proudly hosting the 2013 Utility Hackathon taking place on 14-15 May where you stand a chance to have a prototype developed for your company. The hackathon is an innovative competition at which talented IT professionals will compete to solve your utility’s power or water related challenges using open-source software development.

What is a hackathon?
It is an event where software developers and programmers meet for a 48-hour period to work together on solving a set challenge using computer programming

What does this mean for you?
We are bringing together the best IT talent to solve challenges experienced by power and water utilities in Africa. By submitting a challenge your utility will be showcased at the Hackathon booth on the exhibition floor AND you could potentially take home a viable prototype.

How much does this cost you?
There is no fee to enter your challenge into the hackathon and no fee if your challenge is chosen

What does a challenge look like?
At the African Utility Week’s 2012 Hackathon in Johannesburg, cutting-edge solutions to challenges submitted included the following examples:

Example 1: Map the Poison – The challenge owner was looking for a web based application for use in mapping spots along a wetland system where poorly treated and potentially poisonous effluent is being discharged into the system. The solution would be able to specify which kind of components of the toxic effluent are being discharged and where.

Example 2: Power Surge Prompt – Here, the utility required a system that alerts plant operator on duty through their mobile phone whenever there is low, high or fluctuating voltage that could cause damage to pumps, motors etc in the plant. In addition, a report needed to be sent to the technical manager or supervisor daily indicating time, nature of occurrence and action taken as well as time of normalisation of system.


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