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Exclusive interview with Shantan Reddy, Deputy Chairman, Edison Power Group

Meet the movers and shakers in the African utility industry!  Once again, ESI-Africa will feature a unique series of in-depth interviews with speakers, sponsors and partners in the annual African Utility Week and Clean Power Africa.  The next event is taking place at the CTICC in Cape Town, from 13-14 May 2014 and is attended by more than 5000 power and water professionals from more than 30 African countries and 70 worldwide.

Shantan Reddy“Africa, you are complex and requires someone that understands you. Edison Power Group is a solution based company that doesn’t believe in a one size fits all approach.”
Exclusive interview with Shantan Reddy, Deputy Chairman of Edison Power Group, platinum sponsor at African Utility Week.

Jayesh Ranchod“Meeting today’s complex energy requirements requires a service provider to be highly aware of the impact of its technologies, solutions and services.“
Exclusive interview with Jayesh Ranchod, Divisional Director at EOH: Energy Infrastructure and Services, Industrial Technologies Cluster and silver sponsor at African Utility Week.

Damian Padachi“Itron: We have an obligation to develop sustainable solutions, what we do now will either be a benefit or a burden to the future generation.”
Exclusive interview with Damian Padachi, MD of Itron South Africa, a long standing partner of and gold sponsor at African Utility Week and Clean Power Africa.  A video interview with Damian will be added here soon!

Andrew Etzinger“Eskom has withstood the extreme weather events of summer far better than other utilities around the globe”
Exclusive interview with Andrew Etzinger, Eskom spokesperson in the run-up to the annual African Uitlity Week and Clean Power Africa at the CTICC in Cape Town from 13-14 May.  Eskom has been a long-time supporter of the event and recently signed a five-year host utility agreement.

Michelle Davies“We have been involved in the renewables sector for over 13 years and advise across the full project life cycle.”
Interview with Michelle T Davies, Head of Clean Energy and Sustainability at Eversheds, one of the world’s largest corporate law firms and gold sponsor at the upcoming African Utility Week and Clean Power Africa.

Joseph Mashao“If we are to advance the development of renewable energies in South Africa we need politics to act as door opener.”
Interview with Joseph Mashao, Managing Director of SMA Solar Technology South Africa Pty Ltd. SMA is a gold sponsor at the upcoming Clean Power Africa and African Utility Week in Cape Town in May.

David Otwoma“Strong leadership in the nuclear sector is a recognized challenge since it is an indication of the government’s serious commitment to its programme to the public.”
Exclusive interview with Dr. David Otwoma, Chairman, Eastern Africa Association for Radiation Protection, & Lecturer, School of Physical Sciences and Technology, Department of Physics and Space Science, Technical University of Kenya.  Dr Otwoma is also a member of the African Utility Week advisory board.

Lee Kepco“Thoughts are changing rapidly now so we hope our Korean companies could develop the African market through African Utility Week.”
Interview with Lee-Byoungho, Director General at KEPCO, South Korea’s largest utility. KEPCO is a partner of the Korean Electrical Manufacturers Cooperative that is exhibiting for the first time at the
upcoming African Utility Week in May.

Phindile BaleniNERSA CEO says unconventional gas, smart grid and the internet, off-grid technology and the impact of solar panels on municipal revenues are potential game changers for the energy industry
Exclusive interview with Phindile Baleni, CEO, NERSA.  She is a panellist in the opening session of the upcoming African Utility Week and Clean Power Africa from 13-14 May at the CTICC in Cape Town.

Diego Rodriguez“The World Bank’s Thirsty Energy initiative:  Will water constrain our energy future?”
Exclusive interview with Diego J. Rodriguez, Senior Economist, Water Unit, The World Bank.  Diego is a panelist in the Water-Energy-Food nexus panel dialogue during the water track at the upcoming African Utility Week in Cape Town on 13 May.  He will unpack the World Bank’s global initiative: Thirsty Energy.

Peter Flower“We often forget that in our business we have a positive impact on every citizen’s life every day.”
Exclusive interview with Peter Flower, Director Water & Sanitation, City of Cape Town.  He is a panellist during the upcoming African Utility Week’s  panel dialogue on the Water-Energy-Food nexus.  On 17 March South Africa’s National Water Week kicks off and International Water Day is on 22 March.

Dieter Sommer“SARETEC is a flagship renewable energy project in South Africa and its success is vital to the renewable energy industry. Strong industry support is needed.”
Exclusive interview with Dieter Sommer, Senior Advisor, South African Renewable Energy Technology Centre (SARETEC), Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Bellville.  Dieter is a speaker in the wind track during Clean Power Africa.  SARETEC is also facilitating free technical workshops on the expo floor focusing on helping companies introduce renewable energy resources.

Sarah Ward“By installing a water solar heater, the electricity bill of a typical middle income household of four people, should come down by up to 50% per household.”
Exclusive interview with Sarah Ward, Head: Energy & Climate Change Environmental Resource Management Dept, City of Cape Town. Sarah is one of several speakers from the City at African Utility Week and the Energy Efficiency Forum will have a strong presence on the expo floor. The City and AUW have also agreed to collaborate more closely.

SONY DSC“The solar market in South Africa has emerged very rapidly over the last two years and will reach about 0.5 gigawatts (GW) this year.”
Exclusive interview with Stephan Padlewski, regional marketing manager, DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions, EMEA.  DuPont are silver sponsors at Clean Power Africa and African Utility Week.

Paul Yillia“The nexus debate at African Utility Week will be specifically about Africa and for Africa”
Exclusive interview with Paul Yillian, consultant at Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA).  He is also a moderator in the Panel dialogue on the Water-Energy-Food Nexus at the upcoming African Utility Week in Cape Town in May.

Bertrand Rochecouste Collet

“We have been partnering with Clean Power Africa almost since the beginning. It has always provided us with an opportunity to share our expertise with current and potential clients.”
Exclusive interview with Technical Director Bertrand Rochecouste Collet and Business Development Manager for Energy Pieter Conradie at Aurecon – silver sponsors at Clean Power Africa.
pieter-conradieAurecon will present a paper and several technical workshops on renewables during the event.


Dean Pratt“MarelliMotori: with Africa’s natural resources and our global experience, we can as a team bring to the table affordable and rapid solutions from design to operation.”
Exclusive interview with Dean Pratt, MarelliMotori’s Regional Manager Africa.  MarelliMotori is a longstanding platinum sponsor of Clean Power Africa, taking place in Cape Town in May.

Jill Godden“The mission for 2014 is to electrify at least 100 000 rural homes in South Africa.”
Jill GoddenExclusive interview with Jill Godden, CEO of Clean Energy for Africa (CEFA).  Ms Godden will address the Large Power Users track at the upcoming African Utility Week on “The future of clean energy in Africa’s power sector”.

Dinter Frank“CSP is the best technology for South Africa for future electricity production. It is already cheaper than new coal fired power stations.”
Exclusive interview with Professor Dr.-Ing. Frank Dinter, Eskom Chair in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) and Solar Thermal Energy Research Group (STERG) at the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, Stellenbosch University.  He is also a speaker at Clean Power Africa in May.

Greg Kaser“Embarking upon a nuclear energy program is a strategic question for any developing country with significant pay-offs in terms of achieving energy self-sufficiency and around-the-clock power availability for industry and cities.”
Exclusive interview with Greg Kaser, Senior Project Manager at the World Nuclear Association and regular nuclear expert speaker on the African Utility Week programme.

Wim Jonker Klunne“Contrary to common perception, South Africa is doing amazingly well in small hydro at the moment.”
Every year, we always look forward to getting the views of Wim Jonker Klunne, Senior Researcher Renewable Energy at the CSIR, hydropower expert, session chairman at the upcoming Clean Power Africa – in fact Wim has been a longstanding supporter and contributor to the event since its inception.

Sarah Tibatemwa“Serious thought should be continuously given to the climate change effects and mitigations in relation to water resource management.”
Sarah TibatemwaInterview with Sarah M. Tibatemwa, Director, International Water Association Africa.  The IWA recently entered into a long term association partnership with African Utility Week.  Sarah is also a session chairperson during the conference.

Brian Jones“I intend to bring the audience up to speed with the City’s project to enable grid connected small scale renewable energy generation”
Interview with Brian Jones, Head: Green Energy, Electricity Services, City of Cape Town.  He is also one of several City of Cape Town experts speaking at the upcoming African Utility Week and Clean Power Africa.

Mike Mulcahy“The price of PV coming down so quickly – the ceiling price for electricity is getting lower and lower. It is critical for municipalities to understand how this will impact their revenues.”
Exclusive interview with Mike Mulcahy, project manager at provincial development agency Green Cape and speaker at the upcoming Clean Power Africa in May.

Andre Hoffmann“Let’s fix the problem, let’s set a course for a future that we all actually want to live in and then we can go back to business as usual.”
Exclusive interview with Andre Hoffmann, SAIEE Senior Vice President. SAIEE will present Electrical Engineering, CPD-accredited technical workshops at African Utility Week.

tyobekaTo satisfy the world’s energy needs, we cannot simply discount the role of nuclear
When the former Minister of Energy, Ms Dipuo Peters, announced the appointment of Dr Bismark Tyobeka to the position of Chief Executive Officer of the National Nuclear Regulator of South Africa in September last year, she stated that “Dr Tyobeka brings a wealth of nuclear expertise to the NNR and is suitably poised to guide the NNR at a challenging and exciting time.”

Lungile“What makes Accenture competitive is the availability of relevant local skills to contextualize the global experience.”
Exclusive interview with Lungile Mginqi, Managing Director – Utilities Practice, Accenture – South Africa.  Accenture is a platinum sponsor for this year’s African Utility Week.