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Eskom’s high profile at African Utility Week

Cape Town, South Africa — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 14 March 2011 – Eskom will have a strong presence at this year’s African Utility Week in the Mother City this week, with CEO Brian Dames and chairman Mpho Makwana heading up a large delegation at the event. Some 2,000 power professionals from around 50 countries will be attending what is the largest power and utility event in Africa.

Eskom spokesperson Hilary Joffe says Eskom executives will address the conference on issues that are strategic priorities for Eskom, as well as being of national importance – such as keeping the lights on and moving towards a lower carbon future. “We have now undertaken to communicate to our stakeholders every quarter on the state of the power system,” she added.

The conference has a strong renewable focus, something which Eskom shares, said Joffe: “It is one of our strategic imperatives to reduce our carbon footprint and pursue low carbon growth opportunities. We are working with government on the refit programme, which government is leading,” she added.

Another issue Eskom will discuss is that of load-shedding. “We have said that the power system will be tight over the next two years, before the first unit of Medupi is commissioned late in 2012. We are working hard at Eskom to keep the lights on but we can’t do it alone,” Joffe pointed out.

Running parallel to African Utility Week is the two-day Power Indaba Summit “’ a high-level meeting of development finance organisations, multi-lateral financiers, private investors, fund managers as well as government and utility delegations, particularly from countries in the SADC and COMESA regions, and further afield from West African power houses Nigeria and Ghana.