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Engerati is THE interactive platform for the smart energy community

The Engerati online platform for the smart energy community has been updated with new features, content and networking tools.  Engerati has been an important voice in the power and utility cyberspace since its inception in 2011.  It is part of the Clarion Events Group.

“We have been providing a platform for the smart energy community to network, share and collaborate”, says Adam Malik, Engerati’s managing editor.  “The changes and subsequent updates of the site are a result of our success and community feedback.  We have had such a great response from the market to what we are offering and some great feedback and suggestions which we have been implementing on a continuous basis.  So far, over 8000 professionals have joined our smart energy network.”

Says Adam:  “we are trying to capture a new definition of a smart energy professional who I believe is someone who is looking beyond point issues and holistically at challenges of the energy market from generation to delivery.”

Knowledge resource
He continues:  “Apart from a networking platform, our offering is a knowledge resource based on the presentations and information delivered at Clarion Energy events of which we have over 40 leading energy events (at last count).  And finally I see Engerati adding a further layer on top of that by publishing reports, research and whitepapers based on the key issues that we identify through this smart energy community.”

Designed to be interactive
According to the Engerati managing editor the site is designed to be very interactive, using all the features and functionalities that one would expect from a community site to share and collaborate.  He explains:  “the interactivity of the portal is constantly being looked at and in the last month we have added significant feature upgrades such as community blogs and the ability for individuals to create groups all of this is based on user feedback and feature requests.  This user feedback is integral to our continually evolving feature and content roadmap.”

Clarion Events
The Engerati concept is an initiative of  Clarion Events, a global, independent events company that organises more than 200 events (a mixture of exhibitions, conferences and seated events) annually across the globe, visited by more than 700 000 people from some 12 000 companies every year.  The group serves 15 different market sectors including finance, retail, gaming and energy.
Adam Malik says being part of the Clarion family is “hugely important as this has assisted in developing relationships in the industry.  Without the foundation of the market leading events that Clarion own through the various brands such as Spintelligent, EnergyNet, Energy Exchange, Synergy etc. we would not have the client and community base that we have had to kick start this initiative.  The events have resulted in a database of 200 000 roots-to-market contacts which is invaluable in reaching out to the smart energy community.”  

Relevant and on point
It is paramount that Engerati stays relevant and on point says Malik:  “our vision is to build a smart energy network underpinned by our excellent live face-to-face forums that, throughout the year, address the issues the sector is facing. Engerati does this through multi-touch point delivery ranging from reports, blogs, presentation archives, articles, interviews, surveys, case studies, white papers, new technology reviews etc.  This vision is driven by specific market research that we did amongst 1000 event delegates that shared their views and stated needs.”

Engerati website:  www.engerati.com

Contact information:
Managing Editor:  Adam Malik
Email:  adam@engerati.com
Telephone:  +44 20 7384 7930
Twitter:  @engerati