Emperors Palace will once again be the head quarters for Energy Super Heroes from around the country who will gather at the 9th annual Southern African Energy Efficiency Convention (SAEEC) at Emperors Palace this week to discuss urgent energy matters at hand!

Captain Watt and his team of sponsors look forward to welcoming delegates to discuss the mission ahead: Saving the world by Saving Energy!

The 2014 Convention will bring together leaders in the energy field for the most extensive gathering of energy efficiency professionals ever seen in South Africa. 109 speakers across a plenary and 10 breakaway sessions, 20 media partners, 7 endorsers, 6 sponsors, 600 delegates, and 250 banquet guests.

The two days of the SAEEC will not only host the compliment of speakers but will also include an extensive exhibition area, annual banquet and the 2014 SAEE Energy Awards where companies who have excelled the past year will be honoured

The SAEE and its sponsors AOS Consulting, GIZ (German Co-operation), Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), Ensight, EOH, South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) & Energy & Combustion Services (ECS) look forward to welcoming you at this year’s event

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