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EAPIC 2010: Pre-conference workshop on infrastructure finance

The key to unlocking finance for your infrastructure

Historically one of government’s roles has been to fund and manage infrastructure assets for the good of the population. Today this role is increasingly being questioned – both in terms of the cost to taxpayers and as to whether government can deliver as efficiently as a private company competing for the privilege. The question now is – what form of funding is best for my project – private, public or a combination of both?

The reality is that there is a role for each permutation of financing for infrastructure, be it purely on a project finance basis, public private partnerships, public or private funding.  This workshop will give attendees insights into the various options, the timelines for consideration and insight in risk management and legal contracting.

Topics covered in this workshop include:

Funding and Finance:

  • What is multi-lateral/private/public funding and finance
  • Financing methods for infrastructure
    • Single financier
    • Co-financing
  • Sourcing funds
  • Finance institutions

Risk assessment and risk management mechanisms

  • Classifying risks
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk mitigation

Insurance and bonding

  • Insurance
  • Insurance trends


  • Bonding institutions

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