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Clean Power Asia Conference & Expo 2012


Exclusive interview with Ms. Holly Wu, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (APMEA) Marketing, Suntech.  It is the second year that Suntech is a sponsor at Clean Power Asia.

What are you most excited about currently in terms of Suntech Power’s products and solutions?
At Suntech Power, the world’s largest producer of solar panels, we quite excited about several new products that we are rolling out. We have launched our SuperPoly technology with great success in several regions internationally. SuperPoly combines Mono and Poly silicon casting processes resulting in a polycrystalline product with mono like efficiencies, poly performance and lower wafer cost. SuperPoly offers a new range of products to fill the gap between mono and poly offerings. The SuperPoly cell has mono-like efficiencies of 17.5% on average. SuperPoly also incorporates the strengths of polycrystalline silicon with a decreased initial light induced degradation (ILID) and has a superior normal operating cell temperature (NOCT) of 45 degrees (+/- 2degrees). Also SuperPoly maintains its high efficiency better than mono as temperature increases, making SuperPoly technology ideal for hot climates.

What is on the calendar for Suntech for 2012?
Suntech is quite active in several markets across the region. 2012, with reduced demand from the industry from European markets, will continue to see a renewed focus on developing markets especially South East Asia. Thailand continues to be a bright example of the combination of sound government policy and strong demand, with continued demand for utility scale projects leading the region in the uptake of solar. With over 17,000 islands Indonesia provides good opportunities for solar off-grid and hybrid systems to bring power were grid connections are almost impossible.

What makes Suntech competitive in this market?
Suntech relies on two core strengths to drive its awareness and sales throughout the market. First, Suntech provides market based and customized solutions to meet the needs of its clients. These include new products like SuperPoly technology which combines the best aspects of both mono and polysilicon technologies to create a product that is both highly efficient and highly durable. Suntech also specializes in providing off-grid and hybrid solutions whether it’s solar street lights or diesel-solar mini-grid systems.

Secondly, Suntech’s success stems largely from its cooperation and reliance on its local partners. Suntech has one of the largest distribution networks in the region. Having on-the-ground presence with detailed knowledge of the region’s culture, language and market, enables our customers to get the best in class service that makes Suntech number one.

Why does Suntech keep returning to Clean Power Asia?
We are very excited to return to Clean Power Asia and are looking forward the event in Bali this year. Last year’s Clean Power Asia event in Bangkok was well attended by industry professionals, government officials and customers. We are looking forward to meeting new friends as well as old ones alike.

What will be the main message that Suntech has for the Clean Power Asia delegate and visitor?
We want to welcome everyone to this year’s Clean Power Asia event and want them know that Suntech is here to provide the best value solar energy solution for all their power needs.

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