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Business strategies for African renewable energy

Are you equipped with the necessary insights needed to invest in the renewable energy market? Are you able to develop profitable market entry strategies? Find the answers and solutions at these intensive two-day courses designed with your needs in mind.

8 – 9 June 2015 in Lagos, Nigeria
2 – 3 November 2015 in Johannesburg, South Africa

Our expert course facilitator, Daniel Swanepoel, has customised the course material specifically to deal with challenges you face with renewable energy investment in the African market. His unique formula includes the delivery of the latest regional and international trends in renewable investment strategy, which he has tailored for ease of integration into your business model.

With the majority of Africa’s renewable energy resources potential still untapped, unique opportunities await power companies and investors in these markets. This growing interest is being fuelled by political directives to meet environmental and sustainability targets. To ensure the highest return of investments, stakeholders in this sector need to identify the most promising investment opportunities per country and per energy source.

Reserve your seat today to benefit from an interactive and unparalleled analysis of current data and business information to develop and implement your customised renewable energy investment strategy.

Why attend this course?

  • Ensure the economic viability of renewable energy projects in different regions by  developing your tailor-made market entry strategies
  • Exploit current and future opportunities in the green energy sector by reviewing the specific costs and benefits of different energy sources
  • Explore project considerations to minimise investment risks and manage their financial implications
  • Review the investment profiles, risks and financial implications of the most recent renewable energy projects in Africa
  • Understand the considerations, options for action and behaviour of key participants to explore the landscape of supply and demand of renewable energy
  • Analyse the potential and realities current energy policies and market incentives to define your role, opportunities and challenges

danielExpert Course Facilitator

Daniel Swanepoel

Daniel is a highly experienced Business Strategy Consultant who specialises in determining entry strategies into African markets. He is currently involved in several projects within the environmental and green energy sectors.
As such, Daniel provides integrated solutions focussing on different options of clean power generation including the development of new business plan and sales strategies over the formation of corporations and business structures to drafting joint venture agreements and structuring commercial transactions.
Previously, Daniel was a Consultant for Corporate Markets at the ABSA Corporate and Merchant Bank and his expertise has been reflected in many business articles published in magazines like the Global Finance Magazine and African Trader. Daniel is a Certified Associate of the Institute of Bankers in SA Institute of Bankers in South Africa, Cape Town.

Course Agenda


Registration: 9.00am

Start of day: 9.30am


Landscape of supply and demand

  • Course overview of structure including division into electric power, transport, etc.
  • Key drivers:
    • Policy
    • Economic
    • Investment returns
    • Corporate strategy
  • Key players and roles: The considerations, options for action and behaviour of key participants
  • The potential versus the reality
  • Role, opportunity, challenges for Private Equity funds

Supply of Energy 

  • Energy supply on African continent
  • Possible future risks associated with current supply
  • Discussion on efficient use of energy

Current view of renewable energy with focus on Africa 

  • Overall statistics of installed capacities
  • Growth rates

Renewable energy – definitions

  • Look at different types of renewable energy sources
  • Solar, Biomass, Wind, Waste
  • Biofuels, Hydro, Geothermal, wave tidal, ground sourced, clever technologies
  • Biomass – Combustion, pyrolysis, gasification, anaerobic digestion, fermentation etc.
Interactive Session: Analyse the current preferred sources for Africa and review the performance and regional opportunities

Energy policy and market incentives for renewable 

  • Global, government, national and local motivation
  • Corporate business, strategy – good business or CSI?
  • Supply
    • Grants, tax relief, buy back agreements, etc
    • Short discussion on Nuclear and Shale gas, will it influence the renewable sector?

Close of day: 5.00pm


Start of day: 9.30am


Power Generation through renewable 

  • Re-state main sectors from project perspective
  • Investment profile, risk
  • Structuring the project, financial implications
  • Biomass, Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Hydro, ‘New Technologies’ (VAM, CMM, LFG)

Specific Opportunities – per country

  • Geographical opportunities
  • Renewables, past and present per region
  • Future opportunities
  • Discussion – key projects per region/country
Interactive Session: Evaluate the supply and demand, the key drivers, players and roles, country programmes and the potential of the green energy sector

Determine an overall strategy 

  • The impacts of Climate Change Global policies
  • Future demand scenarios: demographic changes, macroeconomic changes
  • Renewables from an investor and strategy perspective
Interactive Session: Apply and leverage current data and information to define success factors for project and investment strategies

Close of day: 4.00pm

Each day has two 15 minute refreshment breaks and one hour for lunch

The course will take place from 8-9 June 2015 in Lagos, Nigeria and from 2 – 3 November 2015. To register and reserve your seat, please contact me on the details below:

Tarryn Philander

Spintelligent Training Academy

(t) +27 21 700 3555
(e) training@spintelligent.com