The African Utility Week 2011 programme is nearing completion and the programme brochure is due out at the beginning of November 2011.  The 2011 programme will examine the changing utility landscape with the increasing focus on smarter technologies, need for energy security and diminishing skilled work force.

With a four day programme, we offer the following:  Workshops, 2 day conference and site visits to a number of limited access sites.   

There are some exciting presentations and workshops on offer at AUW 2011 – for instance:

Workshop on human capital development and retention:
The skills issue is one of the most important that utilities face. Amongst others, scarcity of skills and an ageing workforce are two of the biggest challenges that the industry is having to deal with. However it is never too late to start addressing the issue of talent management within the utility through workforce planning and critical skills development techniques that can assist utilities to build a roadmap out of this crisis


Project management for large power projects
This workshop will look at the various aspects of project managements in an engineering context. Large power projects consist of many stakeholders and partners and there needs to be mutual agreement on most issues. The workshop will highlight these challenges, look at time lines and showcase some case studies.

And our conference programme?

Visit this link to get the full programme grid, plus some more information on what you can expect from our presenters, exhibition and networking opportunities.

See for more information or contact Claire Volkwyn: or Nicolaas Loretz: