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Due to the incredible feedback we had from the attendees at the Large Power Users Forum at African Utility Week 2010, we have increased the scope of the programme for 2011 to include a 3 day programme aimed at Large Power Users in South Africa.

This programme aims to examine the various aspects of electricity use which affect the daily operations of large industry – be it manufacturing, mining or the hospitality industry.  The draft programme has now been finalised and speaks to the challenges of operating in an environment in which power shortages are looming on the horizon.

The programme for 2011 will focus on and examine in greater detail the following:

1. Making it pay
The case for energy efficiency is convincing. Greater efficiency will provide financial and environmental benefits. Make sense of the financial benefits of saving energy and how to use alternative energy sources for your competitive advantage.

2. Energy efficiency in practice
How should you respond to the energy efficiency challenge? Implementing energy efficiency projects will increase profits. Uncover your energy conservation potential. Learn how to overcome implementation barriers and a lack of skilled resources to identify and implement energy efficiency interventions.

3. Security of supply… while keeping environmental concerns in mind
Energy security is crucial to a stable and growing economy. Listen to the reasons for the load shedding & forecast of the next two to three years. Understand Eskom’s energy supply/demand projections and learn about South Africa’s current and possible future generation mix. What are the challenges with electricity supply and how will ‘dirty power’ affect the competitiveness of exports?

4. Legislation, Policy and Standards
Uncertainty regarding future policy & legislation is always in the back our heads. What is the likely regulatory picture for future power generation and energy efficiency? ISO50001 will almost certainly be a key standard for larger industries in the future and important for industries to remain competitive in the international marketplace.

For more information on this programme, please contact Daniel Claassen: Daniel.claassen@spintelligent.com