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Achieve 11% energy savings from hydraulic fluid

Industries in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and South Africa can look forward to reducing their energy usage by up to 11% on their machines’ power use by using an innovative industrial lubricant

There is more to hydraulic fluid than just the performance level of your machinery with the choice of fluid also impacting on the prevention of rust and corrosion, guarding against foaming, ease of demulsibility, maintaining system pressure and being thermally and hydrolytically stable lubricating components. However without a formal industry specification it can be difficult to decide on the best fluid to invest in.

It is therefore exciting for the 14th annual African Utility Week to unearth a lubricant from Engen Industrial Lubricants that can, in addition to the listed features above, save up to 11% on machines’ power use in sectors that consume hydraulic fluids such as mining, construction, engineering and energy utilities.

Anton Allner, Strategy Manager at Engen Industrial Lubricants, explains that, “The reduced amount of energy consumption with Engen’s Hydrokin ESF is due to its better sealing performance at all operating temperatures around machine parts including pumps, pistons and rings.”

“A better viscosity index enables the oil to stay more fluid at lower temperatures and more viscous at higher temperatures while still meeting all its performance requirements, thereby reducing machines’ input energy requirements,” says Allner. “This “stay-in-grade” performance of the fluid is central to its enhanced ability.”

Saving on your electricity consumption and more

Allner reports that, “Engen’s energy-savings claim is based on local trials and not just additive supplier data. It is these trials that have demonstrated more than 11% savings in electricity consumption, as well as a 4.5% reduction in maximum power demand of machines.”

These results were verified and independently audited through a trial conducted in a plastic injection moulding machine based in South Africa. With the advent of the energy shortage and steeply rising energy costs, reducing your energy consumption can only be beneficial to your business and your bottom line. In addition, due to the lower operating temperatures, further indirect cost benefits can be realised through increased machine production output and in the extended life of machine components and fluid.

Seeing is believing

Alongside over 200 exhibitors showcasing innovation in energy efficiency, energy metering, water management, and clean power solutions, Engen will exhibit the Hydrokin ESF energy saving hydraulic fluid at the African Utility Week conference and exhibition being held in Cape Town in May. Typical topics featured in the conference tracks and during exhibition workshops are: gearbox maintenance and inspection, installation of single phase meters and associated equipment, water pressure management and advanced pressure control techniques, energy efficiency projects using measurement and verification, and World Class Manufacturing solutions. These vital topics to your business are being covered by industry experts from organisations such as the SAIEE, ECA, ArcelorMittal, and Southern African Association of Energy Efficiency.

“Hydraulic power can be a far more competitive technology choice if the fluid design is allowed to demonstrate its significant energy and cost savings for companies and the customers they serve. Engen has the technological innovation and value-based partnerships to unlock energy efficiencies in hydraulic systems without sacrificing performance, thus contributing to the success of customers’ operations,” concludes Allner

The forthcoming 14th African Utility Week conference and exhibition takes place on 13 – 14 May 2014 at the CTICC in Cape Town, South Africa and features free CPD accredited technical workshops on the exhibition floor with guided exhibition tours. Count yourself amongst the 5,000 visitors, and delegates attending the eight power & water conference streams, discovering innovative solutions from the 200 exhibitors eager to share their expertise with you on maintenance, energy efficiency, measurement and verification, and so much more. Visit the website on www.african-utility-week.com or contact the African Utility Team on +27 21 700 3500