Unlocking Solar Capital Africa

Solarplaza has recently published the “Eastern Africa – Regional Solar Report” in order to shed some light into the solar energy situation of the four biggest photovoltaic (PV) markets in Eastern Africa: Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The Eastern Africa region has been hailed as a prime location for solar energy development as it experiences very high levels of solar irradiation throughout the whole year. However, in terms of energy access, the region has the highest share of unelectrified inhabitants in the continent. Even those that are fortunate enough to have access to electricity most often experience a service that is unreliable and expensive. These two factors are the main drivers for the development of solar energy systems in the region.

In this report, an analysis of those key factors was conducted by examining the energy sector of the aforementioned countries and the range of issues related to solar PV project development, including key demographic information, insights into legislation and policy, inventory of power generation capacity, and assessments of the current status of their solar industries. Overall, the countries discussed in this report show great potential, but still have a long way to go in terms of solar energy development. With a combined installed PV capacity of 199 MW, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania represent only 3.9 % of the total installed PV capacity in Africa, which is a small fraction compared to their actual solar energy potential. It still needs to be seen how the region will develop in 2019, especially with the emergence of PV tenders and power purchase agreements (PPAs), and the ever-increasing presence of foreign investors interested in reaping the rewards present in Eastern Africa’s solar energy sector.

This report is part of the prelude to the fourth edition of the Unlocking Solar Capital: Africa  conference – the unique international platform and 2-day conference focused on connecting solar project development and finance & investment in the four leading solar electrification segments (utility-scale, commercial & industrial, mini/microgrids and off-grid). Solarplaza and GOGLA are proud to announce the organization of the fourth installment of this event, taking place on 16-17 October 2019 in Dakar, Senegal. This conference, Solarplaza’s 13th event on the continent, will bring together 350+ decision makers and representatives from development banks, investment funds, solar developers, IPPs, EPCs & other solar stakeholders to engage in extensive discussions to solve Africa’s solar energy funding gap – and get projects realized. Learn more about the program, speakers and participants here.