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About South Korea Solar Renewable Energy Summit 2020

Date: 21-22 April, 2020

Location: Seoul, South Korea


Under the South Korean government’s 3rd Energy Master Plan as the new strategy for energy development to 2040, which was proposed in April and was approved at a Cabinet meeting in June 2019. Renewables would cover 35% of total power demand by 2040 with around 129GW to be installed, and the government sees the potential to deploy up to 235GW of solar and wind in the country.

With the big potential of offshore wind resources, South Korea targets to have a wind power capacity of 17.7GW by 2030. The country will particularly thrive from offshore wind power generation considering its geographical characteristics. To achieve the 2040 Energy Vision, it is time that both local and international players shall join hands to seek the opportunities and tackle the challenges ahead of the industry.

To further push forward the renewable energy development in South Korea and facilitate the collaboration between local and international, Neoventure Corporation is planning the 2nd RE series event in South Korea, 2nd South Korea Renewable Energy Summit 2020, co-located with Solar + ESS and Offshore Wind.

This will be scheduled on 21-22 April 2020 at Grand Ambassador Seoul Associated with Pullman, Seoul, South Korea. The Expo will combine with Large Exhibition, Conference, Project Match Making Forum creating a one stop business matching platform for all industry players to share their knowledge and to expand business contacts in South Korea ’s rapid growing renewable energy sector.