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About Africa Supply Chain in Action 2021

Date: 20 – 21 October 2021

Location: Online Event


More than ever dialogue and collaboration with suppliers and customers are crucial to sustainability and future growth. It remains critical to driving solidarity in supply chains. Africa Supply Chain in Action (ASCA) 2021 is Africa’s collaborative response to Supply Chain Management and Procurement of the future. It is an online continental gathering brought to Africa by Africans.

In our 2nd year into the COVID-19 Response, what has Africa learned from the COVID-19 pandemic? How can businesses and the profession collaborate and innovate to prosper? Can Supply Chain be our future and the growth of our economies?

As we navigate the storms of the pandemic, it is clear that doing what we have always done, even if we do it well, is no longer good enough. ASCA 2021 will zone in on innovative case studies from the African continent that will take us into the next era of digital disruption. Africa Supply Chain in Action 2021 will highlight how the African Procurement and SCM Community can Prosper through Collaboration and Innovation.

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