Day 1: Tuesday 14 May

Water innovation platform: advances in meeting Africa’s water demand

11:30Rusatom Smart utilities – “clean water” desalination
methods, experience and technologies
Andrei Grinevich,, Head of International Affairs, Rosatom Smart
Utilities company, Russia
12:00Joint Presentation
Kurt Brinkmann, Head of Department, Distribution Water,
Aarhus Water, Denmark

Mmbudzeni Michael Dali, Mmbudzeni Michael Dali, Engineering
Consultant, City of Tshwane Municipality, South Africa
12:30Circular economy in the urban water-system
Chule Qalase, Project Manager, NCPC-SA
13:45Smart water management to tackle water scarcity
• Mr. Jason Hallowes, Ekosource, Denmark
• Ms. Katri Mehtonen, Finnish Water Forum, Finland
• Ms. Debbie Wilkins, UROS, Finland
• Mr. Ville Strandman, Aqva, Finland
• Mr. Juha Kauppinen, Utility of Mikkel, Finland
• Mr. Kai Kaatra, Ministry of Agriculture, Finland
• Ms. Vuokko Laurila, Aquamec/Watermaster, Finland
• Mr. Stefan Multing, Digpro, Sweden

Smart cities and why the Nordics are leading
• Mr. Jens Husted Kjaer, Norlex, Denmark
• Mr. Dominique Verhulst, Nokia, Finland
• Mr. Gary Brown, Cambi , Norway
• Mr. Russom Kabedom, UNIPOWER, Sweden
• Mr. Jonas Wallmander, AZELIO, Sweden
• Mr. Stefan Multing, Digpro, Sweden
15:00Groundwater: The unexplored ocean beneath our feet
Gaathier Mahed, Senior Lecturer, Nelson Mandela University,
South Africa
15:30Water Funds Innovative solutions to water security
Louise Stafford, Director Water Funds South Africa, The Nature
Conservancy, South Africa

Day 2: Wednesday 15 May

Updated demand response management practices for the African municipality and utility

10:30Reserved presentation
11:00The Importance of Water Research and Development in
Achieving Water Security
Hlamulo Makelane, Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of the
Western Cape, South Africa
11:30Make water safe, reliable, sustainable and efficient
Johan Pretorius, Business Development Manager, Schneider
Electric, South Africa
12:00Reserved Presentation
Keiji Higaki, Corporate Business Development Manager, Toshiba
Africa (Pty) Ltd
Marcus Thulsidas, Director: Business Development,
Utility Systems, South Africa
14:00Water management strategies for large scale consumers
Senior Representative, Umgeni, South Africa
14:30Case Study: Deployment of integrated mobile utility
management system
Siphindile Sikhosana, Senior Manager: Metering & Revenue,
Johannesburg Water, South Africa
15:00Smart water management to tackle water scarcity
Senior representatives from the Nordic countries
15:30Rusatom Smart utilities – waste water treatment methods
and experience
Andrei Grinevich, Head of International Affairs of Rosatom
Smart Utilities company, Russia

Day 3: Thursday 16 May

The Smart Water City

10:00The future of industrial water re-use
Jaques Pretorius, CEO, AquaTrip, South Africa
10:30Overcoming energy and water wastage
Busisiwe Manabe, Electrical Engineering Technician, Matleng
Energy Solutions, South Africa
11:00Reserved Presentation
Sean Laval, Executive: Solutions and Innovations, Sqwidnet,
South Africa
11:30Improving the quality of effluent discharged into receiving
freshwater resources

Musa Shongwe, Quality Assurance Manager, Swaziland Water
Services Corporation, Eswatini