Day 1: Tuesday 14 May

Grid Management
Facilitator: Gil Alberto Vilanculo, Head of Renewable energy on grid system, EDM

10:30Application of Energy Storage in the power system and user
Wang Shenzhu, Vice President of Africa Region, Hengtong Group
11:00eThekwini Municipality: The 2024 TID Rollover Engagement
Mpiyakhe (George) Mashinini, Manager: Revenue Protection,
eThekwini Municipality, South Africa
Shawn O Neill, TID Specialist, STSA
11:30Striving for maximum safety and continuity of supply in MV
● Improvement of safety of personnel
● Ensure continuity of supply
● Availability of innovative technology
Marcel Buckner, Regional Manager, Eaton
12:00Gassing of Wind Farm Transformers

● Safety concerns of high levels of Combustible Gas in active
● OEM inspection, fault diagnosis and the cost of
● Improved reliability of Renewable Energy Transformer.

Ian Gray, Division Manager, WearCheck
14:30Innovation in Extra High Voltage transmission – A resilience
case study

● Extra High Voltage grid resilience planning and responding to
high-impact low frequency events
● A 2018 world first: Saudi Electricity Company and Extra High
Voltage Transmission
● Implications for African utilities regarding cost effective
strengthening of Extra High Voltage grid robustness

Toon Houwen, Business Development Manager, CG Holdings
15:00Impact of renewable generation plants on distribution grid

● Boosting distribution grid operations performance
● Grid code compliance alignment for renewable power
● Foreseeable challenges with small scale embedded

Naniki Nzuza, Senior Engineer Renewables Grid Integration,
Eskom Distribution
15:30Innovative solutions to prevent T&D losses

● Preventing technical losses
● The importance of energy efficient technologies
● Identifying and preventing commercial losses

Dr. Katsutoshi Toda, Fellow, Grid Aggregation Division and Special
Corporate Advisor, Toshiba Transmission & Distribution Systems
(India) Pvt. Ltd.
16:00Impact of revenue collection and non-technical losses

● Exploring theft, illegal connections, meter tampering and
incorrect metering
● Combatting incorrect and inaccurate municipal billing
● EcoStructure™ Grid as an intelligent electricity network

Johan Pretorius, Power Systems Business Development Manager,
Schneider Electric

Day 2: Wednesday 15 May

Digitalisation and the grid

10:30Motivation to close the skills gap

● Identifying skills gaps
● Designing a training calendar to keep ahead of the curve
● Shifting legacy staff into a digital gear

Heinrich Rudman, Western Cape Centre, SAIEE
11:00Innovations in Mobile Workforce Management: How
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are delivering
value to Utilities

● How Field Service Management and IoT combine to deliver
● The key metrics used by Field Service teams
● How AI and data leads to better business decisions

Martin Green, Regional VP of Sales, EMEA, ClickSoftware
11:30The solution for wildlife fatalities on air insulated electrical

● Preventing nuisance outages caused by wildlife
● Insulation enhancements to reduce maintenance

Silas Moloko, CEO, Technology Integrated Solutions
12:00IT/OT Convergence: A Guide for utilities

● Mechanisms to get OT data into the IT environment
● Achieving standardisation and interoperability
● Phasing in new technology with legacy staff and systems

Lawrence Juku, Executive Head for Utilities & IoT, Vodacom
14:00The future of ICT in distribution automation

● Fault detection and resolution
● Increased efficiency and decreased operations costs
● Customer experience
● A safer, smarter power grid

Dr. Manuel Costeira da Rocha, Managing Director, EFACEC
14:30Smart grid case study
Reserved presentation, Håkan Johansson, eQUALS Power AB,
15:30Optimizing the profit generated by your assets throughout
their lifecycle

● Advances in data collection techniques, analytics and data
● Implementation of an ALM approach on transformers and
other grid assets
● How ALM methodology and solutions can generate
significant ROI

Uzo Ezimora, Director of grid services, SSA, General Electric

Day 3: Thursday 16 May

Africa’s future grid

10:00Application of Aluminium Polyethylene Laminated (APL)
type cables in HV Installations

● Use of cables in High Voltage system installation
● Reasons to use cables over other mediums of power transfer
● Types of cables utilised in High Voltage systems

Henni Scholtz, General Manager: Product Development &
Application, Aberdare Cables
10:30Assessment of power system inertia challenges in IRP 2018

● Understanding the impact of increased inverter based
renewable generation on reducing inertial energy of the power
● Introducing inverter based generation while managing the
rate of change of frequency
● Highlight possible mitigation techniques in terms of new
operations techniques and ancillary services to support the grid
with high shares of RE:
o Synthetic inertia
o Demand response
o Fast Frequency Response
● Assess the integrity of the South African Grid over the IRP
2018 period (2020 – 2050) in as far as system stability is
concerned, particularly power system inertia.
● Highlight a probable costing methodology that could be
implemented in order to cost these new ancillary services in the

Mpeli Rampokanyo, Principal Engineer, CSIR
11:00The role of the West African Power Pool in driving grid

● Power pool interconnection as an essential tool for
transmission infrastructure development
● Power pool organization boosting the investments in
transmission at regional level
● Exploring control centres as key assets for the energy market
and power pool

Eric Amoussouga, Sales Director GE Grid Francophone Africa,
General Electric
11:30Converting Waste into Energy Storage Assets

● Environmental waste can be converted into Energy Storage
● Converting ash dumps, mine dumps and building rubble into
Energy Storage assets
● Disruptive Energy Storage which is cost effective, efficient,
versatile, scalable and environmentally friendly

Les Lange, CEO, Sizana Solutions (Pty) Ltd
12:00Exploring substations of the future
Myles Margot, Senior Key Expert, Siemens