Day 1: Tuesday 14 May

Project Development

10:30Bifacial Photovoltaic Module Technology
Riaan Meyer
11:00Lessons from large scale wind and solar hybrid projects in
Australia and South Africa
Peter Venn, CEO, WindLab, South Africa
11:30Finance innovation for small to medium scale solar in grid
and off-grid settings
Abe Cambridge, Co-founder and CEO, Sun Exchange, South Africa
12:00How FMCG factories can generate their own energy and save
water from their waste
Mike Smith, Project Financial Director, Talbot &Talbot,
South Africa
14:00N1 City waste to power installation
Lara van Druten, CEO, The Waste Transformers, Netherlands
14:30Early stage financing for Renewable Energy projects
EEP Africa

Day 2: Wednesday 15 May


10:30Lessons from 5 years of operations and maintenance of
solar PV in South Africa
Liam May, Operations and Maintenance Manager, SOLA Future
Energy, South Africa
11:00Improving the maintenance of wind power plants
Mich Nieuwoudt, CEIO, GAIA, South Africa
11:30Using drone inspection to increase productivity on your
solar plant
Riaan Meyer, Manager Director, GeoSUN Africa, South Africa
12:00Maintaining the machine that is hydro power
Dan Klink, Founder CEO, East African Power, Rwanda
12:30Here comes the Sun with the Power of AI
Madhuri Adettiwar, Sr Director Product Management, GE, USA
14:00Developing Africa with renewable technology: replacing
fossil fuels with solar thermal
Henning Brandt, Greenline Africa, South Africa
14:25Reserved presentation
Victor Liang, Manager, JA Solar Investments, China
14:50Containerised solar systems offer ease of installation &
maintenance in off-grid areas
Tobias Hobbach, Managing Director, Sustain Power, South Africa
15:20South Africa’s Clean Energy Map
Senior representatives, Department of Energy, South Africa
-Senior representative, IRENA,

Day 3: Thursday 16 May

Enabling Environments

10:00The developing small-scale generation market
Jason Schaffer, Managing Director, Nano Energy, South Africa
10:20Grid compliance: The latest requirements
Are van Zyl, Senior Advisor IPP, Eskom, South Africa
10:40Making sure your community investment has a real impact
Ric Amansure, South Africa
11:00IRP: What is the impact
Benjamin Attia, Research Analyst, Wood Mackenzie Power and
Renewables, USA
11:20Overview on the renewable energy IPP projects
Karen Breytenbach, Head of IPP Office, IPP Office, South Africa
11:40Namibia battery storage
Tshegofatso Neeufan, SAEP, Renewable Energy Deputy Lead, SAEP
12:00Decentralisation: The African story
Olabode Sowunmi, Power & Gas, National Assembly, Nigeria
12:20Klein River Cheese
Inga Magodla, NCPC, SA