Tuesday 14 May

Technology and Optimisation

10:30High efficiency solution for power generation –
Supercritical CFB boiler designed for low grade South
African coals
Damian Goral, Doosan, Germany
11:15Air pollution control abatement for thermal (coal plants)
Leon van Wyk, Project Development Specialist, Lesedi, South Africa
12:00Making the transition from coal to clean energy –
Nordic Utility

•Mr. Riccardo Zanetti, MAN Energy Solution, Denmark
•Mr. Wayne Glossop, Wartsila, Finland
•Mr. Kevin Gessau, Witech Africa, Finland
•Mr. Dirk Muller, Windsim, Norway
•Mr. Christopher Newton, DNV-GL, Norway
•Mr. Veine Goransson, Siemens, Sweden
•Mr. David de Mattos, Swedish Sterling, Sweden
12:45Investment Trends – Nordic Utility

•Ms. Leena Klossner, Nordic Development Fund, Finland
•Mr. Jan Fourie, Scatec Solar, Norway
•Mr. Terje Osmundsen, Empower New Energy, Norway
•Mr. Rami Muqattash, Tranter International, Sweden
•Mr. Magnus Andersson, Metrum, Sweden
•Mr. Torben Sjoholm, ABB Sweden, Sweden
•Mr. Mats Ryberg, ABB Sweden, Sweden
14:30Hydropower installation in Africa
Norman Guthrie, General Manager, Marelli Motori, Italy
15:00Using digitalisation to improve maintenance of thermal
power plants
Dr Riekie Swanepoel, Eskom, South Africa
15:30CDS technology – Multi-pollutant emission control technology
for multiple industrial applications
Christian Moser, Managing Director, Hamon Enviroserv,
16:00Considerations for Africa’s nuclear future
Jan Blomgren, CEO, INBEx, Sweden
17:00Networking drinks reception

Wednesday 15 May

Gas Generation
Facilitator: Olabode Sowunmi, Power & Gas, National Assembly, Nigeria

10:30Overview on the landscape and infrastructure for gas power
in South Africa in regards to the IRP
Alistair McMaster, Director: Sustainable Energy, Department of
Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism,
Government of the Eastern Cape, South Africa
11:00Alternate fuels: Powering industrial growth with opportunity
Jeffrey Goldmeer, GE Power, USA
11:30Case study: Gas turbines
Wallace Manyara, Business Development Manager, Ansaldo
Energia, South Africa
12:00Smart gas: Africa’s solution to energy challenges
Aldworth Mbalati, CEO, DNG Energy, South Africa

The new energy landscape: consideration for the changing dynamics
Facilitator: Jarrad Wright, Principal Engineer, CSIR Energy Centre, South Africa

14:00Integrated Power System Master Plan (IPSMP) for Ghana
Dr. Ananth Chikkatur, ICF/USAID, Ghana
14:30Using plasma Ignitors to reduce or eliminate fuel oil
consumption for low load flame stabilisation and cold start
Dhershan Chetty, Boiler Application Engineer, GE, South Africa
15:00Water-free combined cycle power plants for distributed
power generation
Michael Welch, Industry Marketing Manager, Siemens, UK
15:30Emission reduction for operating coal & gas power plants.
Eskom’s NOx emissions reduction retrofits
•Hamresin Archary, Eskom, South Africa
•Krzysztof Zajac, Steinmuller, Germany
16:00Solving the Energy Trilemma with decentralized power
generation using clean fuels
Michael Welch, Industry Marketing Manager, Siemens, UK
19:30Industry Awards Gala Dinner

Thursday 16 May

Maintenance and Asset Management

10:00A tale of two nuclear power plants – the importance of
Jan Blomgren, CEO, INBEx, Sweden
10:30How to improve the monitoring and diagnosis of your plant
using thermodynamic models
•Thomas Will, Chief Engineer, Steinmüller Engineering GmbH,
•Ravendra Govindsamy, Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd., South Africa
11:00How retrofitting and refurbishment can extend plant
Amesh Narain Singh, Generator Specialist, Rotek, South Africa
11:30Optimisation: Processes and fleet optimisation
Wiseman Musekiwa, HOD Multi Axles/ Lowbeds/Cranes,
Rotek, South Africa