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Conference Track: Future Cities

Tuesday 14 May 2019

Prosumers and the integration of renewable energy
Moderator: Sue Rohrs, Specialist Energy Law Consultant, Rohrslaw (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

14:00Panel discussion: How can municipalities prepare for the
challenge of integrating decentralised energy resources?

• Designing suitable regulations
• Commercial and industrial strategies in place
• Are there any international examples and lessons that can be
• Rewarding households for using less electricity under

-Mary Haw, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Facilitation,
City of Cape Town, South Africa
-Bryan Groenendaal, Editor, Green Building Africa, South Africa
-Thembani Bukula, CEO, Power X, South Africa
-Dr Ric Amansure, Senior Consultant, Renewable Energy Economic

Development, South Africa
-Abe Cambridge, Founder and CEO, The Sun Exchange, South Africa
-Terje Osmundsen, CEO, Empower Energy, Norway*

Waste to Power
Moderator: Noxolo Mtembu, Project Manager, Gauteng Infrastructure Agency, South Africa

15:45Case Study: South Africa’s first Waste Transformer at
Growthpoint’s N1 City Mall

Lara van Druten, CEO, The Waste Transformers, Netherlands /
Mitesh Bhawan, Head of Sustainability and Utilities, Growthpoint
Properties, South Africa
16:00Panel discussion: How can we make waste-to-energy plants
more competitive? Does the answer lie in smaller more
geographically spread plants situated closer to the point of
waste disposal?

• Is it possible to lower the tariff?
• Public-private partnerships in place for lasting solutions to
African cities’ waste problem
• Increasing distributed energy capacity
• Innovative uses for urban waste, diverting it from African
• International examples – Addis Ababa’s plan to curb the city’s
waste problem and generate power

Egmont Ottermann, CEO, New Horizon Ltd., South Africa
-Lara van Druten, CEO, The Waste Transformers, Netherlands
-Nomfundo Maseti, Regulator Member: Piped Gas, NERSA,

South Africa

Wednesday 15 May 2019

Energy Efficiency
Moderator: Barry Bredenkamp, General Manager, Sanedi, South Africa

09:30Panel discussion: Enhancing energy efficiency in existing
and new local government facilities

• Importance of energy efficiency
• Who are the ultimate beneficiaries when enhancing energy
efficiency in existing and new local government facilities
• Economic benefits of wide-scale implementation of energy
• The role of digitilisation in the future roll-out of energy

-Carel Snyman, Entrepreneurial Consultant, South Africa
-Kwabena Osei-Sarpong, CEO, Rife International, Ghana/U.S
-Oliver Stotko, Senior Professional Officer, City of Cape Town,

South Africa
-Xolile Mabusela, Director: Clean Energy, South African

Department of Energy,South Africa
-Bruce Raw, Chief Strategy Officer, GreenCape, South Africa

Enabling a more efficient and cost-effective transition to electric transportation
Moderator: Ashanti Mogosetsi, National Project Coordinator: Low Carbon Transport, Energy Department, South Africa

11:15Case study: Challenges ahead for Electric Mobility:
an European perspective from a tech partner.
Manuel Costeira da Rocha, Managing Director, Efacec,
11:30Panel discussion: Most countries around the world have
waived the import duty on electric vehicles, why hasn’t
South Africa followed suit?

• Policy and regulatory framework
• Mitigating the short-term impacts arising from the transition to
• Implications of EVs penetrating the South African market for
other sectors (road maintenance, fuel levies, charging
• Opportunities for emerging EVs value chain

Hiten Parmar, Director, uYilo e-Mobility Programme, South Africa
-Carel Snyman, Entrepreneurial Consultant, South Africa
-Wynand Goosen, CEO, Africa Focus Consulting, South Africa
-Anthony Dane, Director, Change Pathways, South Africa
-Bopang Khutsoane, Project Manager and Deputy Director,

Department of Transport, South Africa

Municipal/ local government funding models
Moderator: Dr Meggan Spires, Senior Manager: Climate Change, Energy and Resilience, ICLEI, South Africa

14:00Case study: Enablers and barriers to local governments
accessing finance
Dr Meggan Spires, Senior Manager: Climate Change, Energy and
Resilience, ICLEI, South Africa
14:15Panel discussion: Alternative funding mechanisms available
to municipalities and local governments – options to consider:

• Exploring appropriate “pooled financing mechanisms” –
are joint projects an option?
• Funding within the constraints of municipal finance act
• Municipal Procurement Act and implications for funding
• Are PPPs a viable alternative?

Edgar Pieterse, South African Research Chair in Urban Policy,
African Centre for Cities, South Africa
-Ian Scrimgeour, Senior Energy Analyst, Green Cape, South Africa
-Xolile George, Chief Executive Officer, SALGA, South Africa
-John Less, Southern African Energy Program (SAEP) /

Power Africa
Transaction Advisor, Deloitte on behalf of USAID, South Africa

Training and capacity building
Moderator: Dr Rethabile Melamu, Senior Manager, The Innovation Hub, South Africa

15:45Panel discussion: Training and capacity building

• How can we fast-track the delivery of employment
opportunities and industrialisation opportunities?
• How do you create value to keep your skilled engineers and
• How do black entrepreneurs find innovative and affordable
funding mechanisms for the participation in generation
• Are there new employment opportunities in areas of clean
energy and natural-resource management?
• Which programmes are proving most promising for
up-skilling and building capacity?

Ursula Wellmann, Skills Manager, Green Cape, South Africa
Brian H M Makungo, Head-Training and Consultancy, Kafue Gorge

Regional Training Centre, Zambia
Jodie Sherwin Hill, Executive Director, Jomat, South Africa

Thursday 16 May 2019

Unlocking the value of Internet of things (IoT) in Africa
Moderator: Ilana Cohen, Senior Market Engagement Director, GSMA, Kenya

09:30Case study: The role of the mobile industry and IoT for
on- and off-grid utility services
Ilana Cohen, Senior Market Engagement Director, GSMA, Kenya
09:45Case study: The innovative use of phones for data collection
Kimenthrie Pillay, Director, Thrie Energy Collective, South Africa
10:00Panel discussion: Data access through IoT is changing the
African energy landscape – expectations and future.

Sandisiwe Ncemane, Business Developer, Coega Development
Corporation, South Africa
-Max Pichulik, Partner, Impact Amplifier, South Africa
-Kimenthrie Pillay, Director, Thrie Energy Collective, South Africa
-Taru Madangombe, Vice President of Energy in Southern Africa,
Schneider Electric, South Africa

Meeting Municipal Demand

11:15A look at the affordability of water as population demands
Nandha Govender, General Manager, Eskom, South Africa
11:30Improved service delivery in water sector through the use of
mobile platform and IOT
Martin Nangole, ICT Director, Nairobi City Water and Sewerage
Company, Kenya
11:45Panel discussion: A guide for how the African municipality
and utility can step forward in becoming sustainable
•optimizing efficiency through incentive schemes
•investigating alternative service delivery models
•dealing with decentralized networks of water treatment
•delivery of sanitation solutions which are dignified and cost

-Martin Nangole, ICT Director, Nairobi City Water and Sewerage
Company, Kenya
-Kevin Samson, Manager: Wastewater, City of Cape Town,
South Africa*
-Gottlieb Arendse, Chief Director: Environmental Quality,
Western Cape Government, South Africa*