Tuesday 14 May 2019

Energy Access: Partnership agreements to improve energy access
Moderator: Riccardo Ridolfi, CEO, Equatorial Power, Board of Directors, Umeme Ltd, Uganda

14:00Self-contained energy systems with multiple technology
options – stakeholder considerations
Christoph Kausch, Managing Director, Low Exergy Consulting
(Pty) Ltd, South Africa
14:15Pilot project: Utilites 2.0 Initiative

-Selestino Babungi, CEO, Umeme Ltd, Uganda
-Kristina Skierka, CEO, Power for All, USA
-Ashvin Dayal, Associate VP & Managing Director,

Power Initiative, The Rockefeller Foundation, USA
14:30Panel discussion: Partnerships – How could utilities work
with off-grid players to accelerate energy access across

-Selestino Babungi, CEO, Umeme Ltd, Uganda
-Sam Slaughter, CEO, PowerGen Renewable Energy, Kenya
- Sanusi Ohiare, Executive Director, Rural Electrification Agency,
-Christopher Flavin, Senior Counsel at CDC Group, CDC Group plc,
United Kingdom

Energy Access: Strategies for meeting increasing demand
Moderator: Claire Volkwyn, Editor, Smart Energy International, South Africa

15:45Why is smart, fair financing a master key to unlock energy
access in Africa?
Sam Slaughter, CEO, PowerGen Renewable Energy, Kenya
16:00Panel discussion: Suggestions to drive demand and facilitate
access to financing in rural areas

• What are the characteristics of an enabling environment?
• Accessing: credit, training, markets
• Productive use appliances
• The real opportunities around women as suppliers and
operators within the RE Sector in Africa

-Riccardo Ridolfi, CEO, Equatorial Power, Board of Directors,
Umeme Ltd, Uganda
-Aaron Leopold, Chief Executive Officer, Africa Minigrid
Developers Association
-Sharron McPherson, Adventure Capitalist, The Centre for
Disruptive Technologies, South Africa
-Eitan Hochster, Vice President: Business Development, Odyssey
Energy, Israel

Wednesday 15 May 2019

Solar power, IPPs and grid integration
Moderator: Kadri Nassiep, Executive Director: Energy, City of Cape Town, South Africa

09:30Case Study: Lessons from Kenya on what is holding back
Solar Technology in Africa.
Izael Da Silva, DVC Research and Innovation, Strathmore
University, Kenya
09:45Panel discussion: How can utilities plan for the excess
capacity of solar power that is generated by IPPs?
• Grid codes compliance challenges
• Operational challenges encountered as a result of a lack of

-Izael Da Silva, DVC Research and Innovation, Strathmore
University, Kenya
-Steve Wasira, Vice President, Business Development, Virunga
Power, Kenya
-Prince Moyo, General Manager: Power Delivery Engineering,
Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd, South Africa
-Benon Bena, Head of Off-Grid Renewable Energy,
Rural Electrification Agency (REA), Uganda
-Matthew Matimbwi, Chairperson-East Africa Renewable Energy
Federation (EAREF); and
-Executive Secretary-Tanzania Renewable Energy Association

Solar power at commercial scale
Moderator: Chinedu Igbokwe, Chief Operating Officer, Daystar Power Group, Nigeria

11:15Panel discussion: Opportunities and challenges in the wake of
the newly introduced 1MW cap for South Africa and its
technical ramifications

-Mary Haw, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Facilitation,
City of Cape Town, South Africa
-Christopher Ahlfeldt, Founder and Owner, Blue Horizon Energy

Consulting Services, South Africa
-Jason Schäffler, Managing Director, Nano Energy, South Africa
12:15Solar, challenges ahead – An European perspective from a
Tech Partner
Manuel Costeira da Rocha, Managing Director, Efacec,

Mini-grid opportunities and challenges
Moderator: William Brent, Chief of Communications, Media & Content, Power for All, Spain

14:00Scaling them minigrid Industry: The Next Steps
Sam Duby, Africa Director, TFE Consulting, South Africa
14:15Panel discussion: Access to Finance - what is holding the
mini-grid sector back?

-Riccardo Ridolfi, CEO, Equatorial Power, Board of Directors,
Umeme Ltd, Uganda
-Tara Caetano, Senior Professional Officer, ICLEI, South Africa
-Emma Miller, Business Development Adviser, Shell Foundation,
-Sanusi Ohiare, Executive Director, Rural Electrification Agency
-Andrea Duffin, Strategy Director, Distributed Power Africa,
South Africa*

Mini hydropower– an underutilised opportunity?
Moderator: Dan Klinck, Chief Executive Officer, East African Power, Rwanda

15:45Case study: The first containerised hydropower plant in
Rwanda 445kw
Dan Klinck, CEO, East African Power, Kenya
16:00Panel discussion: Tools to fix poor infrastructure, facilitating
access to sites and sourcing materials limited in remote

• Funding challenges during the developmental phase of
hydropower plants
• Operational risks
• The lack of data

-Eric Monga, CEO, Kipay Energy, Democratic Republic of Congo*
-Simon Hodson, CEO, Gridworks Development Partners,

United Kingdom
-Marco Rahner, Head of Technical Sales and Engineering, Siemens,

South Africa
-Carly Althoff, Country Director, Journeyman International,

-Raoul Ilahibaks, Founder and CEO, Bazaruto Renewables, Rwanda

Thursday 16 May 2019

Financing renewable energy projects
Moderator: Penny Herbst, Strategy Director, Africa GreenCo, South Africa

09:30Case Study: Improving PAYGO software to offer better
services to customers and to refine the approach to
micro-asset loans
Mike Matokwani, Co-Founder, Vitalite, Zambia /
Wim Jonker Klunne, Lead Coordinator, EEP Africa, South Africa
09:45Shifting the traditional mind set of banking, unlocking
funding and other capital for small scale embedded
Justin Schmidt, Head: Renewable Energy
(Retail and Business Bank), ABSA Bank, South Africa
10:00Panel discussion: Overcoming capital barriers in emerging
markets and unlocking early stage financing in local

• Considerations for user experience and customer needs
• Is the key to investment largely dependent on CSR?
• The believable story investors want to hear
• Autonomy vs. Investment: What is Africa’s solution?

-Andrew Githaiga, Senior Investment Officer, Sunfunder, Kenya
-Justin Schmidt, Head: Renewable Energy

(Retail and Business Bank), ABSA Bank, South Africa
-Abe Cambridge, Founder and CEO, The Sun Exchange,

South Africa
-Tsidiso Disenyana, Senior Economist, ECIC, South Africa*

Wind generation – trends and opportunities
Moderator: Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl, Editor, ESI Africa, South Africa

11:35Panel discussion: Wind Power - Trends and opportunities
• How to increase wind capacity on the grid?
• Best legal scenario to a secure project development
• The socio-economic and environmental benefits
• Lessons learnt and the way forward

-Andrea Isidori, Energy Advisor, Danish Energy Agency,
Centre for Global Cooperation, Denmark
-Katherine Persson, General Manager: Africa, Windlab,
South Africa
-Jarrad Wright, Principal Engineer, CSIR, South Africa
-Jonathan Visser, Project Manager & Director, Integrated Wind
Power, South Africa
-Karen Breytenbach, Head: Independent Power Producer Office,
South Africa