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Conference Track: Energy Revolution Africa

Tuesday 14 May 2019

Energy Access: Partnership agreements to improve energy access
Moderator: Riccardo Ridolfi, CEO, Equatorial Power, Board of Directors, Umeme Ltd, Uganda

14:00Self-contained energy systems with multiple technology
options – stakeholder considerations
Christoph Kausch, Managing Director, Low Exergy Consulting
(Pty) Ltd, South Africa
14:15Pilot project: Utilites 2.0 Initiative

-Selestino Babungi, CEO, Umeme Ltd, Uganda
-Kristina Skierka, CEO, Power for All, USA
-Ashvin Dayal, Associate VP & Managing Director,

Power Initiative, The Rockefeller Foundation, USA
14:30Panel discussion: Partnerships – How could utilities work
with off-grid players to accelerate energy access across

Selestino Babungi, CEO, Umeme Ltd, Uganda
-Sam Slaughter, CEO, PowerGen Renewable Energy, Kenya
– Sanusi Ohiare, Executive Director, Rural Electrification Agency,
-Christopher Flavin, Senior Counsel at CDC Group, CDC Group plc,
United Kingdom

Energy Access: Strategies for meeting increasing demand
Moderator: Claire Volkwyn, Editor, Smart Energy International, South Africa

15:45Why is smart, fair financing a master key to unlock energy
access in Africa?
Sam Slaughter, CEO, PowerGen Renewable Energy, Kenya
16:00Panel discussion: Suggestions to drive demand and facilitate
access to financing in rural areas

• What are the characteristics of an enabling environment?
• Accessing: credit, training, markets
• Productive use appliances
• The real opportunities around women as suppliers and
operators within the RE Sector in Africa

-Riccardo Ridolfi, CEO, Equatorial Power, Board of Directors,
Umeme Ltd, Uganda
-Aaron Leopold, Chief Executive Officer, Africa Minigrid
Developers Association
-Sharron McPherson, Adventure Capitalist, The Centre for
Disruptive Technologies, South Africa
-Eitan Hochster, Vice President: Business Development, Odyssey
Energy, Israel

Wednesday 15 May 2019

Solar power, IPPs and grid integration
Moderator: Kadri Nassiep, Executive Director: Energy, City of Cape Town, South Africa

09:30Case Study: Lessons from Kenya on what is holding back
Solar Technology in Africa.
Izael Da Silva, DVC Research and Innovation, Strathmore
University, Kenya
09:45Panel discussion: How can utilities plan for the excess
capacity of solar power that is generated by IPPs?
• Grid codes compliance challenges
• Operational challenges encountered as a result of a lack of

Izael Da Silva, DVC Research and Innovation, Strathmore
University, Kenya
-Steve Wasira, Vice President, Business Development, Virunga
Power, Kenya
-Prince Moyo, General Manager: Power Delivery Engineering,
Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd, South Africa
-Benon Bena, Head of Off-Grid Renewable Energy,
Rural Electrification Agency (REA), Uganda
-Matthew Matimbwi, Chairperson-East Africa Renewable Energy
Federation (EAREF); and
-Executive Secretary-Tanzania Renewable Energy Association

Solar power at commercial scale
Moderator: Chinedu Igbokwe, Chief Operating Officer, Daystar Power Group, Nigeria

11:15Panel discussion: Opportunities and challenges in the wake of
the newly introduced 1MW cap for South Africa and its
technical ramifications

Mary Haw, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Facilitation,
City of Cape Town, South Africa
-Christopher Ahlfeldt, Founder and Owner, Blue Horizon Energy

Consulting Services, South Africa
-Jason Schäffler, Managing Director, Nano Energy, South Africa
12:15Solar, challenges ahead – An European perspective from a
Tech Partner
Manuel Costeira da Rocha, Managing Director, Efacec,

Mini-grid opportunities and challenges
Moderator: William Brent, Chief of Communications, Media & Content, Power for All, Spain

14:00Scaling them minigrid Industry: The Next Steps
Sam Duby, Africa Director, TFE Consulting, South Africa
14:15Panel discussion: Access to Finance – what is holding the
mini-grid sector back?

-Riccardo Ridolfi, CEO, Equatorial Power, Board of Directors,
Umeme Ltd, Uganda
-Tara Caetano, Senior Professional Officer, ICLEI, South Africa
-Emma Miller, Business Development Adviser, Shell Foundation,
-Sanusi Ohiare, Executive Director, Rural Electrification Agency
-Andrea Duffin, Strategy Director, Distributed Power Africa,
South Africa*

Mini hydropower– an underutilised opportunity?
Moderator: Dan Klinck, Chief Executive Officer, East African Power, Rwanda

15:45Case study: The first containerised hydropower plant in
Rwanda 445kw
Dan Klinck, CEO, East African Power, Kenya
16:00Panel discussion: Tools to fix poor infrastructure, facilitating
access to sites and sourcing materials limited in remote

• Funding challenges during the developmental phase of
hydropower plants
• Operational risks
• The lack of data

-Eric Monga, CEO, Kipay Energy, Democratic Republic of Congo*
-Simon Hodson, CEO, Gridworks Development Partners,

United Kingdom
-Marco Rahner, Head of Technical Sales and Engineering, Siemens,

South Africa
-Carly Althoff, Country Director, Journeyman International,

-Raoul Ilahibaks, Founder and CEO, Bazaruto Renewables, Rwanda

Thursday 16 May 2019

Financing renewable energy projects
Moderator: Penny Herbst, Strategy Director, Africa GreenCo, South Africa

09:30Case Study: Improving PAYGO software to offer better
services to customers and to refine the approach to
micro-asset loans
Mike Matokwani, Co-Founder, Vitalite, Zambia /
Wim Jonker Klunne, Lead Coordinator, EEP Africa, South Africa
09:45Shifting the traditional mind set of banking, unlocking
funding and other capital for small scale embedded
Justin Schmidt, Head: Renewable Energy
(Retail and Business Bank), ABSA Bank, South Africa
10:00Panel discussion: Overcoming capital barriers in emerging
markets and unlocking early stage financing in local

• Considerations for user experience and customer needs
• Is the key to investment largely dependent on CSR?
• The believable story investors want to hear
• Autonomy vs. Investment: What is Africa’s solution?

-Andrew Githaiga, Senior Investment Officer, Sunfunder, Kenya
-Justin Schmidt, Head: Renewable Energy

(Retail and Business Bank), ABSA Bank, South Africa
-Abe Cambridge, Founder and CEO, The Sun Exchange,

South Africa
-Tsidiso Disenyana, Senior Economist, ECIC, South Africa*

Wind generation – trends and opportunities
Moderator: Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl, Editor, ESI Africa, South Africa

11:35Panel discussion: Wind Power – Trends and opportunities
• How to increase wind capacity on the grid?
• Best legal scenario to a secure project development
• The socio-economic and environmental benefits
• Lessons learnt and the way forward

Andrea Isidori, Energy Advisor, Danish Energy Agency,
Centre for Global Cooperation, Denmark
-Katherine Persson, General Manager: Africa, Windlab,
South Africa
-Jarrad Wright, Principal Engineer, CSIR, South Africa
-Jonathan Visser, Project Manager & Director, Integrated Wind
Power, South Africa
-Karen Breytenbach, Head: Independent Power Producer Office,
South Africa