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‘Promise made, promise kept’ by the 2019 Africa Investment Forum

“Promise made, promise kept,” said African Development Bank President Akinwuni Adesina when he noted some of commitments made during the 2018 Forum.

California: Renewables sustain groundwater sustainability

A new Princeton University-led study in Nature Communications indicates that solar and wind energy aid in groundwater sustainability.

Nigerian-South African relations: “We are brothers”

Exclusive interview with Jerry Ehanmo, Commercial Director – North West Africa Region for Conlog, who will be part of the South African pavilion at the upcoming Future Energy Nigeria.
Investec Bank

What you need to know about the Africa Investment Forum

As the Africa Investment Forum kicks off in Johannesburg, the organisers have assured that in this year’s edition will be short on talk and heavy on deals.
climate change

Climate change: Impacts on the energy supply chain

The IAEA has released a new publication exploring the diverse range of impacts on the energy sector resulting from gradual climate change.
Climate change

Scientific collaboration on climate change and energy transition

Enel Foundation and the Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change Foundation have partnered to promote scientific research in the field of climate change.

Protecting your home and business during loadshedding

Small to medium-sized businesses may be most at risk from loadshedding because of their limited ability to generate revenue during the loadshedding period.

Webinar recording: How to maximise performance and shorten the payback period...

Access the interactive recorded discussion where the experts outline the impact of ultra-high efficiency modules on LCoE and the yield benefit in harsh environmental conditions.

Future Energy Nigeria: Solar interview with SEPAN Director

At the upcoming Future Energy Nigeria, Dr Magnus C. Onuoha, President of SEPAN will be moderating a Knowledge Hub “The A-Z of installing solar panels”.
The Global Power & Energy Elites

Global Power & Energy Elites showcases innovation and leadership

Who are the leaders and projects shaping the future of the global power and energy space? Find out in the 2020 edition of the Global Power & Energy Elites.

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