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ESI Africa Edition 1 2019

ESI Africa Edition 1 2019 In this issue, you will find grabbing headlines that cover financing transmission projects, eco-transportation,...

ESI Africa Edition 5 2018

In the last issue for 2018 you will find articles giving you a clear view on Africa as a potential investment market. There is...

ESI Africa Edition 4 2018

Technology innovation and the uptake of decentralised renewable energy (DRE) are key themes in ESI Africa edition 4 2018 where improvements deliver robust mechanisms...

POLL RESULT: Focal point in East Africa to increase energy access

POLL: What should governments in East Africa focus on to increase energy access (currently 37%) and thereby electricity consumers?
Power strategy

Webinar: Power Strategy: Energy mix and operating models

SA's power strategy of managing large-scale assets, centralised generation, and monopoly distribution is shifting. Join our webinar to unpack solutions.

Effects of China-America trade war haunt undiversified African economies

Africa's undiversified economies will come under pressure as current account balances deteriorate, currencies come under strain, prices go up and central banks push up interest rates.
electric distribution networks

Madagascar tender: Rehabilitation of electric distribution networks

Jiro Sy Rano Malagasy invites closed bids from eligible bidders who meet the requirements for the rehabilitation of electric distribution networks.
Ikeja Electric

Ikeja Electric vows to fulfil regulator’s directive

Electricity distributor, Ikeja Electric plans to install approximately 100,000 pre-paid meters under the latest Meter Asset Providers initiative.
non-technical losses

Perspective on non-technical losses from Enel Foundation

The distribution of electricity implies a certain amount of loss of power that could be classified into technical and non-technical losses (NTL), with the latter...

Seychelles, home to Africa’s first IPP floating solar PV project

Implementation of Africa’s first independent power producer floating solar photovoltaic (FPV) project is continuing in the Seychelles.
circular economy

Why Africa needs a Circular Economy framework

Europe officially adopted the Circular Economy Package imposing ambitious recycling and waste recovery targets on its member countries, but what of Africa?

Keeping a close watch on Africa’s economic performance

When looking at Africa’s economic perfomance, it's growth is projected to be higher than that of other emerging and developing economies elsewhere.

Will the latest aid keep China ahead in renewable energy?

China has been approved a $300 million loan by the World Bank, for its Renewable Energy and Battery Storage Promotion Project.

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