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ESI Africa Edition 1 2019

ESI Africa Edition 1 2019 In this issue, you will find grabbing headlines that cover financing transmission projects, eco-transportation,...

ESI Africa Edition 5 2018

In the last issue for 2018 you will find articles giving you a clear view on Africa as a potential investment market. There is...

ESI Africa Edition 4 2018

Technology innovation and the uptake of decentralised renewable energy (DRE) are key themes in ESI Africa edition 4 2018 where improvements deliver robust mechanisms...

Asia is set to outpace other regions in wind energy installations

Asia could grow its share of installed capacity for onshore wind from 230GW in 2018 to over 2,600GW by 2050, finds a new report by IRENA.

Webinar 7 Nov: How to maximise performance and shorten the payback...

Join Mohamed Saady in an interactive discussion where he will outline the impact of ultra-high efficiency modules on LCoE and the yield benefit in harsh environmental conditions.
smart cities

Infrastructures and networks that boost smart cities

Enel Foundation contributed to the event Infrastructures and networks for Smart Cities: what operational efficiency and social value impacts.
broadband access

The price of achieving broadband access across Africa is $100bn

Achieving universal, affordable, and good quality broadband access across Africa by 2030 will require an investment of $100 billion.

Mozambique: EDM seeks to procure wood and steel lattice poles

EDM invites sealed bids for the supply of wood and steel lattice poles for Mozambique Energy For All Project, deadline date 07 November 2019.

South Africa’s IRP approved by Cabinet for release

The promulgation of the IRP by Cabinet is now set to provide the country with a blueprint for its envisaged energy mix until 2030.

Op-Ed: Is AI the answer your business has been looking for?

The term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI) is currently trending as a revolutionary new technology that will change the face of business forever.

Preparing municipalities for customers of the future

Are you likely to see cyborgs doing jobs at municipalities? Not likely, but you are going to see a shift in the importance of data and digital skills.

Awareness of East Africa’s energy outlook is growing

Connie Ochola-Iseme, the regional marketing manager for sub-Saharan Africa at Lucy Electric, says growth in renewable energy projects is “raising awareness of the beauty of Africa and [its renewable energy] potential”.

Municipalities geared to embrace the fourth industrial revolution

“As municipalities we need to reflect on our performance, design and internal strategies that will focus to establish the positive councils with visionary and accountable leadership,” said AMEU President.

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