Cameroon: Ndop Council to carry out electricity extension

The Mayor of Ndop Council invites bidders to tender for the extension of electricity in Ndop Central Sub Division, Ngoketunjia Division of the North West Region.

Burkina Faso: Gov seeks to construct transmission lines

The government of Burkina Faso is inviting qualified bidders to carry out the following works; Lot 1: Construction of the 225kV line Pâ-Diébougou and Lot 2: Construction of the 225kV Ziniaré - Kaya line.
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Senelec seeks automation distribution telecom devices

Senegal’s power utility, Senelec, solicits closed bids from eligible bidders for; Lot 1: Automation of distribution by remote control of cutting equipment and Lot 2: Reinforcement of the west lantern network.
Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso invites bidders to construct solar PV plants

The government of Burkina Faso invites qualified bidders for the construction of 20 MWp solar PV plant in Koudougou and 10 MWp solar PV plant in Kaya.

Kenya: gov seeks to install solar PV plants

Kenya’s Rural Electrification Authority is inviting bids from eligible bidders for the design, supply and installation of 1175 kW AC (1410 kWp) Solar PV plants with associated power distribution network.

Great Kei Local Municipality seeks to upgrade substations

South Africa’s Great Kei Local Municipality invites tenders for upgrading of Komga switching rooms and sub-stations.

TANESCO seeks to pre-qualify bidders to construct MV 33kV

TANESCO intends to pre-qualify contractors for construction of MV (33Kv) and LV (0.4kV) and installation of new distribution transformer substations and other associated works
South Africa

S.Africa: local muni to install standby backup generator

In South Africa, the Ndwedwe Local Municipality invites bidders supply and install a standby backup generator.
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Senegalese public enterprise requires provision of electricity meters

The Autonomous Port of Dakar solicits closed bids from eligible candidates who meet the qualifications required for the acquisition of electricity meters.
South Africa

Prasa is calling on bidders to build 3kV DC traction substation

Prasa seeks to appoint a Contractor to carry our construction works a new 3kV DC traction substation in Braamfontein, Gauteng.

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