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Webinar recording: Battery Storage: Africa’s energy metals market and supply chain

Register for this webinar that will look at the latest innovations in battery storage technologies and solutions to address the challenges in developing a sustainable battery storage ‘cradle-to-grave’ market

Webinar recording: Can hydro power mines?

Webinar: Listen to the discussion today. Our guest speakers unpack how Africa's hydro resources can be used as a viable option to support mining operations’ energy needs.

Webinar recording: Low voltage network: Does the last mile matter?

LISTEN TODAY Does the last mile matter? The low voltage network, often referred to as the ‘last...

Webinar recording: Renewables vs. Coal

Does coal have a place in Africa's future energy mix? Join us for a debate around a question at the heart of Africa's industrial economic growth.

WEBINAR RECORDING | South Africa IRP2018 litmus test

ACCESS THE RECORDING TODAY The South African government’s draft IRP2018 (Integrated Resource Plan), constituting the country’s new electricity roadmap to 2030, has been released for...

WEBINAR RECORDING: The evolution of the electric grid

In this interactive discussion, Lucy Electric delved into the development of the current technologies supporting the traditional grid’s footprint. DOWNLOAD THE DISCUSSION TODAY Despite advancements in...

WEBINAR RECORDING | Insight into planning & executing a successful PPP

DOWNLOAD THE ON DEMAND TODAY The mechanisms behind a successful strategy   Power Africa, co-hosted with Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr, launched its fourth ‘Understanding’ handbook in May this year – Understanding...

Is Africa ready for competitive procurement?

ESI Africa recently hosted a webinar focused on planning and executing power project procurement plans. Our trio of expert speakers answered various questions pertaining...

WEBINAR | Unpacking the energy storage value chain

Our partner publications Renewable Energy World and Mining Review Africa, conducted a live online discussion unpacking the energy storage value chain. The global stationary energy...

Webcast | Lucy Electric discusses Smart Grid Solutions

The energy sector is currently undergoing a significant transition, driven primarily by the increase of renewables on the network, distributed energy resources, the rise...

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