ESI Insights #19: The impact of smart water metering

As part of mitigating revenue losses– governments across the world have gone the smart way by deploying various smart water metering initiatives.

WATCH: Exclusive to African Utility Week exhibitors

WATCH the short video on this exclusive African Utility Week exhibitior offer from the official host publication's media desk.

ESI Insights #18: Revenue models are adapting to include smart city...

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is driving the increased uptake of smart city business approaches, which we can see is picking up pace...

ESI Insights #17: “Eskom is in a crisis”. Understatement of the...

In his State of the Nation Address, President Ramaphosa said: “Eskom is in a crisis”. He then announced that Eskom is...

ESI Insights #15: The World Economic Forum fights Climate Change

In this week’s episode we take a closer look at the main topics uncovered in Davos around fighting climate change and the...

ESI Insights #14: Coal’s future in the energy mix

This week’s episode of ESI Insights, in collaboration with African Utility Week, looks at coal and its future in the energy mix.

ESI Insights #13: Eskom task team under pressure

This week we take a closer look at the composition of the Eskom sustainability task team and pressure that it is facing.

The history of the meter: Part 1

The advent of electricity is synonymous with metering - the growth and viability of one being wholly dependent on the other....

ESI Insights #12: COP24

This week’s episode of ESI Insights, in collaboration with the African Utility Week, a closer look at some of the outcomes from COP24.

Insight into a successful Smart Metering project

El Sewedy EMG, offers a practical view into the evolving Smart Metering Landscape.

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