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Emissions trading

Op-Ed: Emissions trading is irrelevant to Africa’s energy deficit

The African energy question cannot be solved by improving emissions trading alone, writes Christian Wessels, founder of Daystar Power, Nigeria.

Addressing cybersecurity in distribution network SCADA systems

For the electricity distribution grid operator, for a long time, the control systems of the grid were protected by “Security by Obscurity”.

Biogas: The case for global market growth

Although there is already a wide application of biogas technologies around the world, the industry is still in the early stages of development.
Energy transition

Roadmap to ease energy transition over the next decade

Rocky Mountain Institute has published a new report which looks at the most critical areas hindering the energy transition.

Big break for women-led renewable energy projects in Africa

The Renewable Energy Performance Platform invites women-led renewable energy projects in Africa to apply for its funding programme. Deadline is 15 January 2020.
C&I solar power

The power of embedded generation in the C&I market

Small scale embedded generation makes financial sense for C&I sectors however, procurement requirements for of the systems are a challenge for this market.

TID Rollover update from STS Association

It is now five years to the TID Rollover. Have you started your project to ensure continuous electricity access for end-users beyond 24 November 2024?

Initiatives boost public e-mobility and smart cities

Enel Foundation contributed to a discussion around infrastructure and networks for Smart Cities and the role of electric vehicles in the energy transition.

2019, an eventful year lays foundation for progress

The ESI Africa journal has travelled far and wide during 2019, and you may have received a personal copy or met with me at one of the many events we attend.
ABB webinar recording

Webinar recording: Deploying synchronous condensers to boost grid quality and resilience

Listen to the ABB webinar recording to learn how synchronous condensers support the electric power network through interesting international case studies.

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