distribution networks

Close examination of the global protection relay market

Research anticipates the global protection relay market to expand at a CAGR of ~9% during the 2019-2027, owing to numerous factors.

IRENA reviews progress on providing sustainable energy

IRENA is hosting its 18th Council meeting to review progress and plan new work programme towards a climate-safe, sustainable future.

India-Pakistan border earmarked for mega renewable projects

The construction of large-scale renewable energy projects could be undertaken on the India-Pakistan border after conclusion of feasibility studies.
energy efficiency

Reasons behind decelerating progress in energy efficiency

According to a new report by IEA, a mixture of social and economic trends have contributed to the recent deceleration in energy efficiency progress.
Climate Change

Climate change: Adaptation and mitigation solutions

Enel Foundation is supporting Politecnico di Torino on a brand new and unique Master level course on “Climate Change: Adaptation And Mitigation Solutions”.

ABB expands footprint in the Chinese e-mobility market

ABB is set to acquire a 67% stake in Shanghai Chargedot New Energy Technology (Chargedot), a leading Chinese e-mobility solution provider.
livable cities

Regional development banks vow to develop livable cities

A new report, Creating Livable Cities: Regional Perspectives, looks at urbanisation trends across emerging and developing economies.
data centres

Op-Ed: What do you understand about data management?

Data management is a term often used loosely in organisations who then fail to manage, maintain and leverage data for making better business decisions.
building an energy efficient house

Op-Ed: building an energy efficient house, let the sunshine in

Energy saving construction techniques are vital, as building an energy efficient house will cut costs and is also environmentally responsible.

New deals to foster R&D of next-generation tech

ExxonMobil has signed deals with Indian Institutes of Technology in Madras and Bombay on research and development of lower-emissions energy technologies.

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