Leveraging off-grid market trends to leapfrog electricity access

An estimated 90% of the population who will continue living without electricity access in 2030 are located in sub-Saharan Africa.

Will 2019 attract a bull or bear FDI market?

ESI Africa explores the impact that the African Renaissance 2.0 will have on foreign direct investments (FDI), which could result in a boost in infrastructure build.

Editor’s column: New markets are often not obvious targets

For international companies exploring these new markets the challenge is in defining the middle-income household’s needs and by association, their ROI.
climate change

Ed’s Note | Beware of extenuating climate change conditions

How governments, corporates and individuals react to climate change today will have far-reaching consequences from which there are no solutions.

Don’t be caught off guard by unsettling market conditions

Morné Bosch, general manager at ArmCoil, speaks to ESI Africa about the changing energy market with the arrival of the independent power producers.
ESI Africa 2019 Media Information

ESI Africa 2019 media information now available

Fill in the form below to access our 2019 media information document.   Who are we? ESI Africa - Africa’s leading power and energy journal - is...

Ed’s Note | Predicting which trends will hold or fold

The energy and power market is primed to be the frontrunner of major trends that will shape global trade, investment and even establish new economies.
Eskom crisis

ESI Insights #11: Eskom crisis

The Eskom crisis is under the spotlight in this episode of ESI Insights, as South Africans question the likelihood of a complete blackout.
South Sudan

Regional motivation to develop South Sudan’s hydro power capacity

Jacob Manyuon, Acting Director General of planning & projects at South Sudan Electricity Corporation, writes about the development of hydropower projects in the country.
Nuclear power

Nuclear: the most affordable energy to power a nation?

The technical and economic arguments in favour of nuclear power are frequently presented to the public, but the moral arguments seldom are.

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