About NOJA Power

NOJA Power’s vision is to be the world leader in medium-voltage outdoor switchgear. The company has moved towards achieving that vision with the installation of more than 50,000 NOJA Power OSM series Automatic Circuit Reclosers in over 87 countries worldwide.

Eskom Recloser Supply Contract Awarded to Australian and South African Partnership

After extensive technical evaluation and factory audits, Eskom has awarded supply of 22kV and 33kV Reclosers to Australian switchgear engineering firm NOJA Power and their South African Distributor, RWW Engineering.

Empowering Nigeria with Reliable Electricity

A Network Performance Evaluation review after Ikeja Electric deploys NOJA Power OSM Reclosers 

Smart Grid without the Price Tag

When engineers think of Smart Grids, usually the first thought to come to mind is “what communications framework do I need?”.

Concept Primer 2: Directional Earth Fault Protection

Explaining the underlying physics of Directional Protection As the second instalment in our mini-series on Directional Protection, Directional Earth...

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