About Lucy Electric

Lucy Electric are experts in secondary distribution solutions, enabling the safe and efficient distribution of electricity to homes and businesses across Africa. Our experienced...
grid edge technology

Grid edge technology’s evolutionary pathway

Grid edge technology solutions are providing greater situational awareness, making energy and power systems more efficient and responsive.
fourth industrial revolution

WEBINAR RECORDING: The evolution of the electric grid

In this interactive discussion, Lucy Electric delved into the development of the current technologies supporting the traditional grid’s footprint. DOWNLOAD THE DISCUSSION TODAY Despite advancements in...

Leveraging value from network data

During a recent webinar examining the digitisation of electricity networks, Lucy Electric discussed some of the challenges facing companies.Captured below are insights into the...
decentralised renewables market

Advancing renewable technology spearheads Africa’s energy revolution

“Solutions for Africa’s electrification challenges are abundant – it is selecting the most suitable technologies and modifying these for the continent’s unique conditions that...

Webcast | Lucy Electric discusses Smart Grid Solutions

The energy sector is currently undergoing a significant transition, driven primarily by the increase of renewables on the network, distributed energy resources, the rise...

Conquering the network data challenge

Rapid change in the way energy is generated, distributed and consumed is driving African energy companies to invest in automation to manage shifting requirements...

Exclusive video interview with Lucy Electric at African Utility Week 2018

On day 3 of African Utility Week we bring you an exclusive interview with Lucy Electric https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hb90_I02Y5I

Exclusive insights from Lucy Electric

Exclusive interview with Rick St John, Business Development Director Africa, Lucy Electric – longstanding event partners and this year's diamond sponsors at African Utility...

Lucy Electric unveils Aegis 36 at Middle East Electricity

Lucy Electric, a leader in medium voltage, secondary power distribution solutions, will launch the new Aegis 36kV ring main unit (RMU), the latest extension...

GridKey helps installing Elephant Pumps in Africa

GridKey is proud to announce that through using AquaAid water coolers across their office they’ve successfully funded a water pump in Africa to provide...

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