lead batteries

Lead batteries: The true power behind microgrids

By Dr Geoffrey May, Battery Science Consultant for the Consortium for Battery Innovation While there are various options for...
network resilience

In brief: Powerlines and network resilience

Network resilience is the ‘give and take’ in the powerline system that carries or bypasses the dangerous ‘something’ that may cause a possible breakdown.

Why off-grid blooms in middle-income countries

As demonstrated through recent data from the International Renewable Energy Agency, off-grid renewable electricity has grown tremendously across the world over the...
Smart Metering

One guide to rule all your smart metering projects

The question addressed herein is how smart metering standards can be used to address the design of metering rollout programmes.

Electricity – you can’t fight poverty without it

The Economist published a story entitled Electricity does not change poor lives as much as was thought and it does little to improve their lives.

The best-kept disruptive technology secrets

The deployment of smart technologies, from artificial intelligence to energy storage and more, is driving the smart city and utility narrative.

Smart metering solutions for utilities

A wave of change has entered the metering market as technology advancements present ever-more innovative solutions to age-old challenges.

Is your standby power clean and quiet?

Low emissions and muffled noise are prized attributes in standby power units, which are not easily available in the market.
Mobisol insolvency

Insurance placements on renewable energy risks

Effective risk identification, loss mitigation, and robust risk management is a fundamental prerequisite and facilitator of financially viable projects.

Capturing the potential of Africa’s rising sun

The hottest news on the solar front is the growth in corporate power purchase agreements where the off-takers are energy intensive users, such as mines.

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