Smart wireless solutions

Smart wireless solutions transform your utility

Combating theft and improving the quality of supply in low voltage distribution networks is the way forward for a sustainable utility business, writes Sipho Mthembu, managing director of Izembe Technologies.
social innovation

Recouping revenue losses via social innovation

By Spanish-based corporate advisor Ricardo G Barcelona The UK privatised, restructured and transformed its power industry beyond recognition. The post privatisation profit surge was attributed...
decentralised renewables market

Brief guide to financing Nigeria’s decentralised renewables market

By Power For All’s Chibuikem Agbaegbu, the Nigerian Lead Market Access, and Ifeoma Malo, the Nigerian Country Campaign Director From basic lighting solutions to mini-grids,...

From generation to disruptive technologies

Africa’s power, energy and water professionals will usher in a new era in 2019 as two powerful conference and exhibition shows collaborate to deliver...

High voltage DC makes offshore wind power transmission possible

The need for utilities to understand the issues surrounding interconnection of remote resources – in particular offshore wind located out at sea or in...
Africa Energy Portal

The hidden value of a data economy

How ironic that we live in an ‘information’ age, yet so many companies don’t treat their information as their most valuable asset. While companies...
Tomorrow’s Rural Home

The Big Question | the 4th industrial revolution

The revenue model on which utility businesses are based is under threat from the shifting industry norms. The 4th industrial revolution is underway and...
Moi International Airport

On its own, it’s just a solar photovoltaic cell

The rapid growth of the solar photovoltaic (PV) market has resulted in more new PV capacity installed in 2017 compared to any other generation...
fourth industrial revolution

The energy revolution depicts a gridless future

The message is clear: the global business of energy and power is under attack from an inanimate, unremorseful fourth industrial revolution (4IR). The conversation now...
solar PV hybrid systems

Advance your green energy status through solar PV hybrid systems

When your business cannot rely solely on a clean power source and where grid-connected power is not catering to your needs, addressing the challenge...

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