Joan Chahenza

Women in Energy: $1 billion dollars in negotiations

Renewable energy finance professional, Joan Chahenza, has contributed to structuring and tariff setting for projects totalling over $1 billion.
women in energy

Women in Energy: She moved her cheese to tackle electrical losses

Women in energy: Meet Kagiso Roseline Kgowe, an ECSA Candidate Engineer who is on a continuous professional development path in the engineering market.
women in energy

Women in Energy | Fusing of industrial and energy markets

Exclusive interview with Women in Energy: Introducing Eng Jennifer A. Gache née Nyambala who is actively engaged in driving market development at the EAC.

‘Meters online’ breathe new life into energy management

Encapsulated in the evolution of the electricity supply industry currently underway are various technology advancements – and at the pinnacle of progress sits the...

The Big Question: East Africa’s development

Even though energy, water, transportation, and ICT infrastructure growth is often hindered by policy uncertainty and lack of funding there are impressive success stories unfolding...
free trade agreement

Africa’s bumpy route to smart meter adoption

Smart meters are emerging as potential game changers, revitalising the entire electric industry. These meters are not only playing a vital role in improving customer...

Novel concept to detect non-technical losses

The distribution of electricity is plagued by a certain amount of loss of power, whether through technical or non-technical losses (NTL). This...
C&I customers

Financial hurdles in scaling up solar for C&I customers

Sub-Saharan Africa is fertile ground for solar because of its immense energy deficit and crumbling infrastructure. At present, the region (excluding South Africa) has only...
distribution network

Six areas of study to strengthen the utility distribution network

The proliferation of distributed generation (DG) has led to concerns around the effect or impact of this integration on the planning and...

The missing elements to drive decarbonisation

Renewable energy is increasingly powering the world, but erratic policymaking is holding the sector back from its potential contribution to cutting carbon pollution and meeting...

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