2018 - Municipal Utilities Supplement

Municipal Utilities Focus

“The 4th industrial revolution is an opportunity for positive implications such as removing some of the network pressures on Eskom and municipalities,” states the...

Why consumers expect to hear from you

Taking the smart technology route to manage loads, boost network resilience and enhance revenue streams also takes the utility further down the tech rabbit...
Smart wireless solutions

Smart wireless solutions transform your utility

Combating theft and improving the quality of supply in low voltage distribution networks is the way forward for a sustainable utility business, writes Sipho Mthembu, managing director of Izembe Technologies.

Modernising the grid for a digital future

The African power sector is poised to embrace digitisation but is hesitant to take the necessary steps, states the chief technology officer at Landis+Gyr...
Eskom Expo

How to survive the 4th industrial revolution

What is this fourth industrial revolution (4IR) that people are raving about? It’s a digital revolution that will transform the way people live, work and...

Find your seat at the boardroom table

Municipalities are currently faced with major challenges in terms of energy supply, including illegal connections and electricity tariffs driving consumers off the national grid....

IoT in your business: opportunity or threat?

The global community is becoming increasingly reliant on technology and data, which among others impacts on competitiveness and relevance. The digital revolution also impacts...

Leveraging value from network data

During a recent webinar examining the digitisation of electricity networks, Lucy Electric discussed some of the challenges facing companies.Captured below are insights into the...

Know your earthing and lightning protection best practice

Fundamental best practices have not changed as the principles are still sound: “Avoid lightning by diverting it away from the subjects to be protected”....
Nigeria's power industry

Techniques to redeem defaulting debtors

When your business model relies on the direct sale of electricity to public entities, such as municipalities and the army, the risk of non-payment...
BP Energy Outlook 2018

AMEU new leadership to usher in energy 4.0

With all the talk around the 4th industrial revolution, it’s no surprise that the AMEU Convention includes a focus on the energy revolution taking...

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