tariff structure

Should governments subsidise tariffs?

Cost-reflective tariffs are an on-going, much talked about topic but why do they continue to be problematic and what are the possible solutions? Daniel Njoroge Butti, energy economist lecturer at Karatina University, a public university in Kenya, explores this trending topic.
Zambian households

The theory of energy justice as a viable analytical tool

It is fairly uncontroversial to say that Africa needs electricity. The policy generally adopted is therefore to build new power stations as fast as...

MAPs and discos can solve the metering gap

Dr Jamil Gwamna, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Kano Electricity Distribution Company, thinks that the solutions to customer metering challenges in the Nigerian electricity supply industry are close at hand.

Celebrating the cream of the crop

The annual African Utility Week Industry Awards, which celebrates the pioneering utilities, projects and people in the energy and water industry on the continent...

Africa’s ‘Energy Trilemma’

In order to effectively address the ‘Energy Trilemma’ – security, equity, and access – flexible and robust policies, that provide clear guidelines, are necessary...

Industry survey yields interesting results

An industry survey from last year’s African Utility Week indicates that energy, power and water sector professionals are excited by solar PV, technology innovation and distributed...

Time is running out for utility token identifier

In this exclusive interview with Don Taylor, Director of the Standard Transfer Specification Association (STS), ESI Africa uncovers a threat to all utilities’ prepaid meters worldwide, which calls for urgent attention.
CSIR 200kW Ground Mounted Dual Axis Tracker

Public sector guide to procuring PV assets

To establish the best case scenario for the procurement of solar photovoltaic (PV) projects, the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) published a...

Finally, a solution to eradicate ghost vending

A sustainable mitigating solution to ghost vending will see the industry adopting STS6 and executing the Token Identifier (TID) rollover process, writes Lance Hawkins-Dad. There...

Revolutionist paints research with green hue

Declaring herself a tenacious, dedicated and results-driven personality, Ntombifuthi Ntuli, the CSIR’s head of energy industry research, is well-suited to direct the dialogue needed in these turbulent times, when the so-called 4Ds are marking their mark on the energy sector.

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