Infant gorillas named during Commonwealth meeting

The Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, Patricia Scotland, was granted the honour of naming a baby gorilla during the Kwita Izina Rwandan ceremony.
greener industries

DTI and CSIR collaborate on growing greener industries

Industrial efficiency conference addresses smart energy solutions, smart factories and digital platforms for eco-innovation and growing greener industries.
livable cities

Counting on the WEF on Africa to be powerful

Ed's note: Will the gathered leaders find consensus and deliver some solutions from this year's World Economic Forum on Africa taking place in Cape Town?

AfDB funds road and water supply projects in Somalia

AfDB signed two grants for $28.8 million for road and water supply projects to improve livelihoods in Somalia and boost resilience.

Adesina highlights funding gap for African women at G7 Summit

President of the AfDB, Akinwumi Adesina, attended a G7 Summit session where he announced the Affirmative Finance Action for Women in Africa initiative.

Invisible crisis of water quality limits global economic growth by one-third

The World Bank says the world faces an invisible water quality crisis that is eliminating one-third of potential economic growth in heavily polluted areas.
liquid waste

South Africa bans liquid waste from landfill

The banning of liquid waste from landfill signals a shift in South African waste legislation, encouraging the waste industry to seek sustainable solutions.

Ed’s Note: Greenland is not for sale, or is it?

When the news that Donald Trump made an offer to purchase Greenland hit social media, I’d not paid it much attention writes Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl.

Lack of investments in cybersecurity puts industries in a vulnerable position

The global cybersecurity spend in critical infrastructure is expected to reach $135 billion by 2024, states market intelligence firm ABI Research.
innovative solar subsidy

Egyptian company to build solar PV plants in select African countries

Egypt's Arab Industrialization Organization plans to build solar power plants in seven African countries with capacities ranging from 2 to 4MW.

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