Kenyan village installs solar PV desalination plant

Kenya has built its first solar-powered farm, converting ocean water into potable water, which aims to reduce problems relating to access to clean water.

Water Resilience Frontiers initiative on climate agenda at COP25

GWP has launched an initiative titled Water Resilience Frontiers: Pathways for transformational Climate Resilient Water Security in 2030 and Beyond.

The LHWP II is delayed, expensive and wastes water

Based on the current progress in the awarding of tenders for the LWHP II, the project is about eight years behind schedule to deliver water to Gauteng.
water master plan

Water master plan to guard against drought in South Africa

SA's water master plan outlines a series of urgent steps to be taken and implemented in order to address systematic and infrastructural challenges.
Risk management.

If no one dies, the risk is acceptable

ESI Africa published a quick risk management poll on Twitter that addressed the catchphrase "if no one dies, the risk is acceptable". 71% disagreed.

Voith contracts to optimise Ethiopia’s hydropower potential

Technology group Voith has signed a comprehensive service and operations consultancy contract for Gilgel Gibe II hydropower plant in Ethiopia.
nuclear energy

Thyspunt nuclear project, a missed opportunity for water security

The establishment of the once planned nuclear project at Thyspunt would have ensured water security through desalination, writes Nuclear Physicist Gaopalelwe Santswere.
World Bank

World Bank launches $208bn bond for clean water awareness

A subsidiary of the World Bank launched a 7-year $208 billion Sustainable Development Bond to engage with investors to raise awareness for water and ocean resources.
Desalination plant

Desalination plant achieves financial closure in UAE

A consortium along with the Federal Electricity & Water Authority, have achieved the financial closure for the 150 MIGD Umm Al Quwain Independent Water Project (IWP) in the UAE.

California: Renewables sustain groundwater sustainability

A new Princeton University-led study in Nature Communications indicates that solar and wind energy aid in groundwater sustainability.

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