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Transformer group in SA R&D project

[img:powertech_transformers_logo.thumbnail.jpg| ]30 January 2013 - Powertech Transformers, a subsidiary of Powertech and the JSE listed Altron group, announced a collaborative research and development project with the department of mechanical engineering at the University of Pretoria, through funding received from the department of science and technology’s (DST) technology localisation programme.

Flooding damages Cahora Bassa link to SA

[img:Flood.thumbnail.jpg| ]28 January 2013 - During the week of Friday 25th of January, one of the transmission lines from Cahora Bassa in Mozambique that transmits power to South Africa was damaged by the flooding of the Limpopo River. This reduced the capacity available from Cahora Bassa to about 650 MW, from 1,300 MW previously. Hidroelectrica de Cahora Bassa (HCB) the operator of Cahora Bassa has been working to repair the line.

Mozambique and Malawi in electricity deal

[img:Handsh3_0.jpg| ]22 January 2013 - Malawi and Mozambique have reviewed an electricity trade agreement between the two countries to find a solution that benefits both countries. According to Malawi secretary of state for energy, Winford Masanjala, under the terms of the new deal both countries can import and export electricity based on production and consumption levels.

To date Malawi could only import electricity from Mozambique and was prevented from exporting any surplus production. For now it is a moot point as Malawi is unable to export electricity as it is has a deficit of about 100 MW.

Possible electricity imports for Zambia’s mining sector

[img:Power.thumbnail.jpg| ]18 January 2013 - According to Zambia Reports Zambia’s energy regulator has proposed that the government of Africa’s biggest copper producer should import power from the southern African region to stem a shortfall.

The country could buy electricity from members of the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) energy regulatory board chairman George Chabwera says.The regulator also wants the government to introduce a grid code, which would make it easier for private producers to sell directly to consumers.By using a grid code private producers would pay a set fee to provide power to customers using existing electricity transmission lines.

Off-grid lighting in Africa

[img:SolarLi_0.jpg| ]16 January 2013 - The Total group is offering off-grid lighting in an initiative that includes solar and dynamo-charged lighting. This programme is being implemented in Kenya, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Senegal, with plans to start soon in Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Uganda.

Total aims to sell one million good quality solar lanterns to low income households by 2015. During 2012 a pilot programme began in Cameroon, Kenya, and Indonesia with the aim of helping underprivileged population gain access to lighting and communication. Total plans to leverage itspetrol service station network in Africa and create local distribution channels by training local buyers.

EMEA utilities to spend more than US$17.5 billion on IT in...

[img:Money.thumbnail.jpg| ]14 January 2013 - One of the top 10 predictions by IDC Energy Insights is that utilities in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) will spend more than US$17.5 billion on IT during 2013. Another prediction is that flexibility will be the new normal for smart grids implementation, and that regulatory procrastinations will hold back EMEA’s electricity smart metering market

It also predicts that smart grid communication approaches will continue to be heterogeneous, and consumer engagement will be the name of the game, while smart water spending will be kick-started in 2013. Other predictions