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Molten salt storage: The rise of power stability

The intermittent nature of renewable energy has challenged the effective implementation of solar and wind on the national grid.

Study to improve rural electrification in Nigeria and Ethiopia

The African Development Bank has kicked off a feasibility study to explore the potential of electricity cooperative business models in Nigeria and Ethiopia.

Op-ed: The practical problems of working women in working men’s clothing

By Vanessa Ronald, Senior Brand Manager at Sisi, BBF Safety Group South Africa is seeing an increase in female...
trade finance

Developing nations need to invest 4.5% of GDP in infrastructure to...

World Bank's latest report suggests that developing nations must investment 4.5% of GDP to achieve their infrastructure-related SDGs.
EEP Africa

EEP Africa opens a gender-themed call for proposals

EEP Africa opens a Call for Proposals for early-stage grants to applicants promoting economic opportunities for women across the clean energy sector.

Transforming Africa’s waste into economic value

In South Africa diverting wet waste from landfill is not only environmentally important, it will also become mandatory by law.
water resources

Saving Africa’s water resources drop by drop

Malawi’s Blantyre Water Board is undertaking an innovative resource management project to preserve water resources with every drop.

Former Necsa board calls for investigation into AGSA report

The Auditor General South Africa (AGSA) report for 2017/18 released last week is misleading and should be investigated by the media, the...

Forging tomorrow’s clean energy leaders

The 2019 edition of Open Africa Power has commenced in Ethiopia, which seeks to enhance the skills of tomorrow’s clean energy leaders.
nuclear power

Anticipating new design for nuclear power

Nuclear physicist Dr Kelvin Kemm writes about the latest nuclear energy technologies as well as what to expect from future designs.

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