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5G could cut global emissions by half a billion tonnes

According to new research findings, a fast rollout of 5G technology could reduce global carbon emissions by half a billion tonnes.
offshore wind energy

Offshore wind to become a $1 trillion industry by 2040

The International Energy Agency finds that global offshore wind capacity may increase 15-fold and attract around $1 trillion of cumulative investment by 2040.

Report highlights the role of green hydrogen in energy transition

IRENA estimates that hydrogen from renewable energy, so called green hydrogen, could translate into 8% of global energy consumption by 2050.
transportation trends

Road public transportation trends for cities

Enel Foundation participated in the biggest event focused on road public transportation trends for cities held in Brussels.
Distributed PV

Factors influencing distributed PV growth through 2024

Distributed PV is set to take off over the next five years, transforming the way electricity is generated and consumed, according to IEA.
intelligent utility

The intelligent utility of the future serves the needs of communities

The intelligent utility of the future makes power generation, distribution, and management more responsive to the needs of the communities it serves.
EV batteries

Botswana, producer of metals required for EV batteries

Botswana has joined an initiative that supports the discovery and development of mineral reserves of strategic metals used to make EV batteries.

Asia is set to outpace other regions in wind energy installations

Asia could grow its share of installed capacity for onshore wind from 230GW in 2018 to over 2,600GW by 2050, finds a new report by IRENA.
smart cities

Infrastructures and networks that boost smart cities

Enel Foundation contributed to the event Infrastructures and networks for Smart Cities: what operational efficiency and social value impacts.

The price of achieving broadband access across Africa is $100bn

Achieving universal, affordable, and good quality broadband access across Africa by 2030 will require an investment of $100 billion.

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