Dave Nicholls

Op-Ed: A different view of accepted energy ‘facts’ in SA

In South Africa, one of the key national issues at present is the formulation of the national Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). Op-Ed by Dave Nicholls.

African Power, Energy & Water Industry Awards: And the winners are…

Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Rwanda and South Africa win at African Power, Energy & Water Industry Awards

Uber(ising) solar energy: It can be done, students show

Uber(ising) solar energy: It can be done, students show - The Initiate! Impact Challenge comes to African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa
Mobisol insolvency

India: Auction cancellation of PV projects in need for policy re-thinking

The 1GW Gujarat Solar photovoltaic (PV) tender for Dholera Solar Park was recently undersubscribed by 700MW and received only two bids for a total of 300MW capacity, GlobalData reported.
energy costs

Solar process heat plant to save energy costs for Wits University...

The newly launched SOLTRAIN projects, a district heating plant is expected to save millions in energy costs for Wits University residences.

Jeff Radebe on SA’s energy landscape

South African energy minister Jeff Radebe, has highlighted sub-saharan Africa as home to several of the world’s fastest growing economies, including the Top 10.

Day 2 Highlights: African Utility Week & POWERGEN Africa

Are you afraid of missing out on the largest gathering of Africa’s energy, power and water sector taking place in Cape Town?
African Utility Week

Launch of Utilities 2.0 at African Utility Week

A coalition of energy sector leaders including Power for All, Umeme and The Rockefeller Foundation today launched Utilities 2.0 at African Utility Week.
sub-Saharan Africa

New whitepaper explores sub-Saharan Africa energy landscape

General Electric unveils a whitepaper on the eve of AUW titled Re-imagining the future of power in sub-Saharan Africa.

ABB unveils its energy self-sufficient factory

ABB has unveiled its first CO2-neutral and energy self-sufficient factory in the world. The facility in Germany will run on a solar photovoltaic...

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