Inverters for 96 MW PV project in Northern Cape

[img:ItalyS_0.jpg| ]30 July 2013 - The Jasper photovoltaic PV project in South Africa’s Northern Cape, which will be executed and built by a consortium formed by Iberdrola Engineering and Construction South Africa, will have an installed power output of 96 MW DC. The plant will deliver its power to South Africa’s grid by means of 78 one megawatt Ingecon Sun PowerMax central inverters which Ingeteam will supply inside its 40 foot, 2.0 MW power station shelters.

Rooftop PV system for Rooibos facility

[img:Rooibos_0.jpg| ]25 July 2013 - The market leader in rooibos tea production, Rooibos Ltd has decided to install a 511 kWp solar system on the roofs of its storage facilities in the Cederberg region of South Africa.

African Technical Innovations was chosen as EPC partner for this project alongside SolarWorld as technology supplier. “We have partnered with photovoltaic technology supplier, SolarWorld on a number of large projects within the agricultural sector. The implementation of this project will allow Rooibos Ltd. to provide its suppliers with a product that has a lowered carbon footprint. This is important as agri-food sector exporters are required to measure and take actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their supply chains in the European Union and the United States of America,” Kobus Engelbrecht, African Technical Innovations managing director, says.

South African farming group invests in rooftop PV

[img:UN%20roof_0.jpg| ]24 July 2013 - The Timberlea Farming trust, known for its blueJay branded fruit, as well as its production of the locally distributed blueJay fresh juices has installed a 127 kWp, roof-mounted solar system. The group, comprised of nine farms across the Western Cape, produces in the region of 13,000 tonnes of stone, pome and citrus fruit per annum and are suppliers to well-known local retailers Woolworths as well as Marks & Spencer’s, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose internationally.

Wind turbines on their way to Jeffreys Bay

[img:RuiNing9208_0.jpg| ]22 July 2013 - On the 22nd of July 2013 began transport of wind tubines from the port of Ngqura to the Jeffreys Bay wind farm. This marks a milestone in the construction of one the largest wind farms in South Africa’s renewable energy integrated power producer programme (REIPPP) to date.

The first shipments of components will be transported from the Port of Ngqura to the site, situated between Jeffreys Bay and Humansdorp. Once on site the components will be offloaded beside the wind turbine foundation. Two cranes will be used to erect the turbines and it is estimated that two wind turbines will be erected each week. Final commissioning of the turbines will take place following connection of the electrical works.

Sera wind farm substation contract awarded

[img:Turbine%209_0.jpg| ]The Sera wind farm has awarded a R36 million contract to Powertech QuadPro, which represents the first successful tender for what is the newest company in the Powertech stable. “You can be convinced of your company’s ability to do a job, but unless a customer puts its faith in you by awarding a contract, it’s all just talk,” Harry Browne, CEO of Powertech QuadPro, says.

Eskom plans for 150 MW of PV, as well as biomass...

[img:ItalyS_0.jpg| ]19 July 2013 - South African national power utility Eskom says that an estimated 150 MW of photovoltaic capacity will be installed on the rooftops of its power stations, offices and transmission substations for the utility’s internal use.

The utility is also investigating using solar power as an additional heating medium to supplement coal at its coal fired power stations. In addition, at its coal fired power stations, it is exploring the co-firing of biomass fuel to replace 10% of coal usage by weight in its coal fired power stations by 2026. To achieve this goal Eskom is looking to source suitable biomass within the southern African region and South Africa.

Kouga wind farm electrical balance of plant contract

[img:Green%20-%20Pic%201_0.jpg| ]17 July 2013 - The balance of plant subcontract for the 80 MW Kouga wind farm at Oyster Bay in the Eastern Cape has been awarded to Actom’s substation construction wing. The R150 million contract, awarded in April 2013 by Nordex Energy, the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor for the project, encompasses the design and turnkey provision of the electrical installation from the base of the wind turbine generators (WTGs) up to the Eskom point of connection for the power generated by the Kouga wind farm’s 32 x 2.5 MW WTGs.

Transformers delivered to Droogfontein and De Aar solar projects

[img:HV-Transformer_0.jpeg| ]16 July 2013 - Droogfontein Solar Power and De Aar Solar Power have both received delivery of their high voltage (HV) transformers. The HV transformer is the largest single component on the sites and takes the longest time to manufacture. It is a critical component for these independent power projects (IPPs).  

“The delivery of the HV transformer is a significant milestone for this project, as the transformer is at the heart of the project. Having this piece equipment on site is a significant achievement for the project team,” Savva Antoniadis, project manager for De Aar Solar Power, says.

Adama wind farm in Ethiopia begins construction

[img:Green%20-%20Pic%201_0.jpg| ]9 July 2013 - The Adama wind project made further progress recently with it having awarded Chinese wind turbine maker Sany a contract to supply a hundred-and-two 1.5 MW turbines in a contract worth US$95 million.

According to Sany Heavy Industry president Xiang Wenbo, it is China's largest single wind turbine export deal. The Adama wind farm, an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) project constructed built Chinese government preferential loans, was planned to begin construction in June and is expected to enter operation in 2014.

Assisting in financial close of two second round SA solar projects

[img:Money.thumbnail.jpg| ]9 July 2013 - Renewable energy consulting group SgurrEnergy has supported two South African solar energy projects in achieving financial close. The 10 MW Aurora and Vredendal projects developed by SolaireDirect South Africa, are two of nine developments consented in round two of the South African Department of Energy’s (DoE) Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPP).

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