Consolidation in smart grid standards

[img:Assesment2.thumbnail.jpg| ]19 April 2012 - The US and the EU plan to coordinate the development of smart grid standards, if financial frugality can be overcome, according to a new report by business intelligence group GBI Research. Its report states that the US plans to implement smart grid technology to reduce the national energy demand by 20%, improve system efficiency by 40% and incorporate 20% renewable sources into the total electricity capacity by 2030. However, these impressive aims may not be met if plans fail as a result of the global recession.

Solar powered irrigation system improves food security in Benin

[img:RobFre_0.jpg|Robert Freling,
Executive Director,
]19 April 2012 - A recent project undertaken by the Washington DC based Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) non profit group in Benin, saw the creation of a solar-powered combination water pump and drip irrigation system to increase food security. Essentially no food grew in the area during the dry season, so a solution had to ensure a steady supply during those months. The solar-powered system has dramatically increased the region’s supply. As a result 20% of food produced is consumed, and 80% is sold to market.

SA solar IPP signs agreement with ABB

[img:Sign.thumbnail.jpg| ]16 April 2012 - ABB recently signed an agreement with FG Emvelo, an independent solar power plant company, to develop high efficiency concentrating solar power (CSP) plants at Karoshoek Solar Valley in Northern Cape province, South Africa.

FG Emvelo, a joint venture between, a German group of companies and Emvelo Projects, a pan-African company, with headquarters in Johannesburg, recently acquired a 340 km2 site with high direct normal irradiance (DNI). The plants will use the ABB-Novatec Solar turnkey concept for CSP plants which reduces the need for land by 40% and water consumption by 80%.

Nigerian wind project to be commissioned in July

[img:wind.thumbnail.JPG| ]16 April 2012 - Nigeria's first ever wind power project is due for commissioning in July 2012 in Kastina State. The project, which is being funded by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency, JICA, will contribute 10 MW to the national grid.
In addition an 800 kW solar power project is underway which will directly supply the Umaru Musa Yar'A

SA government should lock down high appetite for renewable energy

[img:theo_0.jpg|Theo Covary,
acting CEO, Sessa
]13 April 2012 - Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa (Sessa) acting CEO, Theo Covary says that South Africa’s appetite for renewable energy is higher than anticipated and the government should move quickly to take advantage of this interest and expand its independent power producer (IPP) purchase programme.

Using the IPP purchase programme, the South African government aims to procure 3,725 MW of renewables capacity that could be introduced to South Africa’s electricity network between 2014 and 2016.

Cennergi buys solar project from Subsolar Energy and Ruscello Renewable Energy

[img:Germanys_0.jpg| ]12 April 2012 - Cennergi, the newly launched South African energy company, has acquired development rights to a solar photovoltaic project from a consortium comprising Subsolar Energy and Ruscello Renewable Energy.

The project is based South Africa’s North West Province and could start commercial operation by the end of 2013.

Dick Berlijn, managing director of Subsolar says, “We are glad to have been able to provide Cennergi with this project, and we hope this is the beginning of more solar projects coming online in South Africa. All projects developed by Subsolar have a strong consideration for the requirements of all the stakeholders, and we view Cennergi’s acquisition of this project as proof of the quality of the work we have done.”