Preparing municipalities for customers of the future

Are you likely to see cyborgs doing jobs at municipalities? Not likely, but you are going to see a shift in the importance of data and digital skills.

New venture to install 250m AMI meters in India

A new partnership has been created to install more than 250 million smart electric meters and increase utility revenue by $15.4 million across India.

MAP to deliver 100,000 meters to Ekiti, Nigeria

BEDC Electricity has announced the rollout of over 100,000 customer meters over the next two years in Ekiti State, Nigeria. BEDC will be aiming for a monthly average of 4,000 units.
Conlog HQ

Keys to the new Conlog HQ have been handed over

The new Conlog HQ, based in Dube Trade Port, South Africa will accommodate the company's sustainable growth and fulfilment of global demand.
carbon emissions footprint

Lucy Electric UK awarded gold for reducing carbon emissions

Lucy Electric UK has been awarded a gold CEMARS certification for its continued commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Open Africa Power 2020

Enel Foundation: Call for applications for Open Africa Power 2020

The Enel Foundation has announced the launch of the Open Africa Power 2020 call for applications and confirmed the new edition will start in February 2020.
Future Energy Nigeria

Boldly flying the green and white flag of independence

Contribute to conversations at FEN that will lead to Nigeria's 60th independence next year celebrating even more progress in its electricity industry.
IoT, 4IR

Finding the leading edge is within our grasp

Issue 4-2019's editorial calls on leaders to address four key areas: unemployment, climate change, Internet of Everything, and regional trade in Africa.
wind energy

Meeting the challenges of DER integration

Spurred on by this investment, renewable and distributed energy resources (DER) are now becoming an increasing part of the energy generation mix.

The practice of the Internet of Things in Electricity

Cross-border operations, which presents a new pattern of power production and consumption, is opening the market for the Internet of Things in Electricity.

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