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An all-in-one testing for motors from Megger

Megger has combined all of the functions frequently required for testing electric motors in a unique and innovative handheld instrument.
women in energy

Women in Energy: She moved her cheese to tackle electrical losses

Women in energy: Meet Kagiso Roseline Kgowe, an ECSA Candidate Engineer who is on a continuous professional development path in the engineering market.

‘Meters online’ breathe new life into energy management

Encapsulated in the evolution of the electricity supply industry currently underway are various technology advancements – and at the pinnacle of progress sits the...
free trade agreement

Africa’s bumpy route to smart meter adoption

Smart meters are emerging as potential game changers, revitalising the entire electric industry. These meters are not only playing a vital role in improving customer...
City Power

Cyberattack leaves South African power utility customers in the dark

City Power reported that its system was hijacked by a Ransomware virus leaving customers unable to purchase prepaid electricity units from vendors.

5G uptake: Five questions African utilities must explore

The vision of 5G is that users will have the impression of continuous connectivity with unlimited bandwidth everywhere. This is the culmination of four...

Introducing the STS YouTube channel

It is with great excitement that we officially announce the launch of STS Association YouTube Channel: STS ASSOCIATION a place to view...

Introducing the TID Rollover website

The STS Association has developed a new centralised website:  for all TID Rollover communication. The website will...

How to turn Hustlers into Super Heroes

Municipalities in South Africa are increasingly considering the option to replace their analogue meters with smart ‘next generation’ meters, which deliver real-time or periodic interval...

Two keys to attaining sustainable metering for power utilities

The performance of meters in service has a direct impact on the power utility’s bottom line. However, achieving a healthy revenue status can only...

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