North Africa

Winds of change seen across ECOWAS and North Africa

West and North Africa, hydropower has been the longest-standing energy resource followed by solar; however wind is catching up.
nuclear energy

Eskom waits for the nuclear regulator to approve waste storage casks

Eskom has revealed that “The Koeberg spent fuel pool storage capacity is currently over 90% full. [These] pools will reach [their] capacity by April 2020.”
job market

SA job market hinges on a consistent pipeline of RE projects

The South African RE job market will create opportunities in construction, manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, finance and professional services.

Emerging nuclear energy markets

In Western Europe, nuclear power accounts for almost 27% of total electricity. In Northern Europe, it’s about 18% and in Africa 2.4%.

Elevating hydropower to meet generation demand

The International Hydropower Association anticipates Africa’s hydropower installed capacity to grow by about 4,700MW over the next two to three years.
grid electricity

Op-Ed: Avoiding another energy disaster

Op-Ed: Two energy disasters menace SA, the functional troubles at Eskom and the possible large-scale adoption of solar and wind for grid electricity.
fossil fuels

Coal projects risk becoming “stranded assets”, says AfDB

The AfDB joins a plethora of top banks, insurers and development finance institutions, which are throttling back on investments in coal projects.
Regional Energy Summit: West Africa

Senegal to host Regional Energy Summit this December

As the first conference in West Africa to receive the co-patronage, it comes at an important time as Senegal becomes one of Africa’s fastest growing economies.

Voith contracts to optimise Ethiopia’s hydropower potential

Technology group Voith has signed a comprehensive service and operations consultancy contract for Gilgel Gibe II hydropower plant in Ethiopia.

Does the IRP 2019 or Eskom plan reduce SA power risks?

Do either the South African Integrated Resource Plan 2019 or the Eskom turnaround plan reduce the risk to the country’s power supply?

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