Noja Power

Who is the Most Innovative Company in Australia?

The 2019 Australian Financial Review Most Innovative Company (MIC) unveiled NOJA Power Switchgear as 3rd MIC in mining, agriculture and utilities sectors.

Distributed Automation VII – Using IEC 61850 in automation

The relevance of IEC 61850 communications capabilities and how this technology can be used to achieve reliability gains in electricity network performance.

Mali: Bidders invited to tender for two solar PV plants

Mali invites tenders for realisation of two PV plants at Saye and Sarro with a unit capacity of 1.3 MWp with a BESS storage system (1.5MW-2MWh in VRB).
smart grid

Distributed Automation VI – smart grid automation IEC 61499

Given its flexibility in automating networks, the functionality has inherited the designation “Smart Grid Automation (SGA) IEC61499” writes NOJA Power.
Distribution network

Distributed Automation V – centralised vs decentralised automation

Central automation server retrieves network parameters from field devices and makes automatic re-switching decisions based on its programming logic.

Distributed Automation IV – Dealing with protection grading

Dealing with protection grading: Distributed automation configuration within a ring mode does provide unique protection challenges writes NOJA Power.

ENGIE buys out Mobisol, boosts decentralised energy offering in Africa

ENGIE expands its decentralised energy offering in Africa through the acquisition of Mobisol, a pioneer of off-grid solar solutions.
energy storage

Who runs the global utility-scale energy storage systems market?

Globally, only 10 countries are predicted will account for 80% of the global market for utility-scale energy storage systems market between 2019 and 2028.
bankable energy projects

China commits $1.4bn investment into bankable energy projects in Africa

During a working visit in Beijing, the African Energy Chamber met with Chinese companies, which commited $1.4bn into bankable energy projects in Africa.
Off-grid solar

Off-grid solar lights up 60% of Papua New Guinea households

Papua New Guinea has achieved dramatic growth in the use of off-grid solar products with 60% (up from 2% in seven years) of households using solar lighting.

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