Shopping mall banking on solar, while going green

SolarSaver has completed installation of a 1MW installation solar PV at regional shopping centre,Mtuba Mall, situated 200 kilometres north of Durban.

IEA signs MoU to bolster energy efforts in India

The IEA’s Executive Director, Dr Fatih Birol, signed a MoU with The Energy & Resources Institute to strengthen cooperation between the two organisations in their work on a wide range of energy issues.

A smart theme is gradually unfolding for Africa’s utility sector to...

The digital divide is evident in Africa’s utilities, where embracing the smart meter revolution is yet to be fully realised for various reasons.
GCC countries

Mali’s efforts to improve access to renewable energy gets a boost

The World Bank has approved a $22.7 million financing to support Mali’s efforts to promote the deployment of renewable energy in rural areas.

Our future lies in the energy of youth

“In 30 years, Africa will be the youngest continent in the world, so the youth of today have to be aware of...
resilience strategies

Cities that are actively implementing resilience strategies

Enel Foundation has been requested by the cities of Genoa, Milan and Turin to join the Task Force aimed at creating climate change resilience strategies.

IRENA and RES4Africa explore public-private initiatives

IRENA and the RES4Africa Foundation have agreed to cooperate to increase the speed of renewable energy development in Africa.
Climate change

Op-Ed: Climate change, a different point of view

Despite differences in the energy mix, climate change remains the elephant in the room, writes Rob Jeffrey, an independent economic risk consultant.

Why water utilities should go with the flow

The United Nations estimates the world to face a 40% water supply shortage, added to this many African countries already face water supply challenges.

S.Africa: DoE takes ‘shaky’ stance on IPP Office

The recent shockwave sent through South Africa's IPP industry on Monday, of pioneer Karen Breytenbach having to leave her position at the IPP Office, has been officially announced by the Department of Energy through a formal statement.

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