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East Africa

Nigeria Electrification Project to receive $200m joint financing

The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank Group has approved a $150m sovereign loan to the Federal Government of Nigeria to finance the Nigeria Electrification Project.

Editor’s column: New markets are often not obvious targets

For international companies exploring these new markets the challenge is in defining the middle-income household’s needs and by association, their ROI.
Eskom crisis

ESI Insights #11: Eskom crisis

The Eskom crisis is under the spotlight in this episode of ESI Insights, as South Africans question the likelihood of a complete blackout.
desert solar initiative

AfDB injects R3bn in South Africa’s solar-based power project

The AfDB has approved a senior loan of R3 billion towards a solar-based power project, the 100MW Redstone concentrated solar power project.
climate change

World Bank announces five-year action plan for climate change at COP24

The World Bank Group will announce today a new set of climate targets for 2021-2025 in support for countries to take ambitious climate action.

Proof that Africa holds the world’s energy investment inventory

Elsewedy Electric has taken stock of sector reforms and government programmes that are set to facilitate investment in African countries.

Will 2019 attract a bull or bear FDI market?

ESI Africa explores the impact that the African Renaissance 2.0 will have on foreign direct investments (FDI), which could result in a boost in infrastructure build.

It’s time to realign African aid and financing

Investing in the African energy market? A barrage of obstacles that deter access to African aid and financing are met. Here are possible solutions.

Ghana: regulation remains a diamond in the rough

In Ghana, the emergence of renewables into the current Ghanaian market structure is proving a real challenge for the existing legislature.

ISO/IEC JTC 1 adds OCT specification to global IoT standards portfolio

ISO/IEC JTC 1 has approved Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF)’s 1.0 specification as an international standard.

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